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This is a compatibility mod for both 'Improved Quality of Life', 'Fov_Fix_Value' and 'Enhanced Camera,' while adding the "Increased Fist Fight QTE Timer" and the "Dice Poker Camera and Offboard Fix" mods.

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I made this mod for my upcoming The Witcher 2 Modding Guide. 

This is a compatibility mod that requires the 'Improved Quality of Life', 'Fov_Fix_Value' and 'Enhanced Camera' mods installed. It also adds the "Increased Fist Fight QTE Timer", "Dice Poker Camera and Offboard Fix" and 2 talents per levelmods and in a future version, you will be able to choose, if you want those or not. If the original mod authors are troubled by it, I'll gladly remove it from Nexus.

This also fixes a compatibility issue Enhanced Camera has with Fov_Fix_Value, which is now a required mod you should install with this.

My future goal is to fix all of the issues it has and re-write the entire Intuitive Controls Mod. I discovered IC uses a broken modified version of behtreetasks.ws, so it's only a matter of time until I figure out how to reorganize it and fix the issues.

Please test and check if it causes any problems in your games. This is only a BETA release.