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Unique texture for Aerondight silver sword inspired by the version in Witcher 3. Now complete with new and unique glowing rune effects!

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In the original game, Aerondight shares its model and texture with the regular silver sword. As the weapon is presented as a special, unique and important item throughout the series, this has been especially frustrating.

Therefore, I have made a unique texture inspired by the design of the sword in Witcher 3. The base model of the sword is the same as the normal silver sword. This ensures that any sword effects (from oils, rune stones, etc.) are properly displayed.

The mod now also includes new and unique glowing rune effects for Aerondight when using rune stones (Perun, Svarog, Vodon)!
As far as I know, this has never been done before!

The changes do not affect any other swords in the game. There will be no bad surprises along the way!

Diffuse, normal and specular map have been reworked and upscaled to twice their previous size. Also includes new inventory icon and new rune/grease effects.


To install, just drop the data folder into your Witcher installation directory. Please make sure not to have any duplicate files.

If you installed Flash Mod (or FCR possibly), please remove the following file from your Data/uti folder in the Witcher installation directory:


When installing, please make sure to choose a save before going to Black Tern Island. Otherwise, the Lady of the Lake will give you Aerondight with the old silver sword texture.

You should not be using the Complete Sword Overhaul, as that mod introduces problems with the grease and rune effects. The mod author has therefore opted to visually delete those effects. If you are installing my Aerondight mod together with his, the sword models from the Complete Sword Overhaul will probably display the rune effects wrongly!