The Witcher
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In high resolutions of the game like 4k, the default text is painfully small. This mod overwrites all fontcache files with the largest available size for each font. The result is text will appear bigger while preserving most font styles.

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This is an extension of the mod, Bigger Text, and is here to solve problems I encountered with that guide. I was not able to get the 2da00.bif solution to work. I cannot say for certain others won't be able to get it to work. Using the linked file would cause text to disappear. I had to manually copy, paste, rename, and delete the fontcache files. I used the same strategy as Antr4cite: "Used the biggest sizes available for each font and changed the gui_default and gui_icon normal font (garamonds_n.fontcache) to the outlined font (garamonds_o.fontcache).". It was not fun doing this manually and took longer than expected. Hopefully this mod saves you the time.


In your game directory, backup the folder System/_cache and replace it with the one provided in this mod. If you run into problems swap your backup back in. My installation was on Windows 10. I can't guarantee the same fontcache files will work on other platforms.


A few instances of text have been reported to not work like the tutorials. All are welcome to update my download folder to plug any holes.