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  1. kaelis69
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    Also having trouble with Win10/64bit installation.
    1. Play6ner
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      I believe that everyone has switched to Wasteland 2 - Director's Cut;)
      The method concerns mod resources that replace assets from the vanilla archive "resources.assets". To replace another retexture, make sure that it is present in the game archive. In other words, follow the procedure described below for all game archives compatible with the utility and find the textures you need.
      To pack the mod's resources you need to use the utility UnityEX https://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/36240-unityex/
      Download it by clicking on one of the links "Скачать UnityEX с......""
      Then proceed as follows:
      - Copy the vanilla archive "\WL2_Data\resources.assets" to a secure location
      - Executive file UnityEX place in Wasteland 2 - Director's Cut\WL2_Data
      - Run the utility, set the "English" language in the settings (settings - small icon"?"), and click "Open archive". In the list, select "resources.assets".
      In the utility window anywhere you click with the right mouse button and select "Export all textures". The "\WL2_Data" folder will display the "Unity_Assets_Files\resources\Textures" folders
      - Make sure that all mod texture names end in .tex (for example T_SelectCircle.tex), if this is not the case, add it .tex
      - Copy the mod files there with the replacement
      - Click "Import files". The game archive will be repacked with new textures
    2. Taitsuo
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      Works great with this soft ! (the one Play6ner linked)
      as said, just need to open resources.assets,  export all, change the .dds of the mod files by .tex.dds , then import.

      Only issue I have is the circles under the characters are inverted (the little arrow is in the back of the character and point backward, where it should be in the front pointing forward like in the screenshoots), and all mouse cursors are upside down ^^ I don't know why, that's pretty odd...
      if anyone know how to fix that, that would be great, cause it clearly an improvement from the vanilla
    3. kevikev
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      Aside from the issue that Taitsuo identified with the directional indicators on the circles, this mod still works as long as you modify the resources using the guide in this thread.
    4. angusmenethil
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      I had to flip manually the images vertically, I was seeing the original ones vs the modded ones, and the author for some reason ( maybe the old version idk ) flipped the images, that's why they look inverted.
  2. tyler1227
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    I also get a runtime error when trying to open the resources.asset file. I'm also on Win 10/64bit.
  3. herenowit
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    Sadly cannot get the Unity Asset Editor to work on Win10/64bit. I only get runtime errors when opening resources.asset

    It's too bad, these markers and icons look really nice.
  4. Mereinid
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    Where do you put these files in the game structure? Your Installation instructions on the first page say you have included the 5 files I need..and that's it. Where do I put those 5 files?
  5. Lanko
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    Does this work with Director's Cut and latest patch?
  6. kakadupa
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    when I try to open resources.assets I get error message:
    "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error too
  7. wowzaa1
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    Hey the problem might be that I'm using directors cut, but when I try to open resources.assets I get error message:
    "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error!

    Program c:/Users...blabla

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application's support team for more information."

    Any idea how to fix this? Perhaps my C++ is not to date? I'll check
  8. smuggler09
    • member
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    Fantastic work , is there a way i can use your mod but without the new circle markers ? i like the chalky circles but love the new textures you made, is there a way i can get all the textures except the circles ? Thanks in advance, endorsed.
  9. thejoker954
    • supporter
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    Hi, good job with this. I really didn't like the default markers and the other marker mod on here is a little too subtle for me.

    I installed all the textures in this, but there are 4 textures i couldn't find in the resources.assets. the 2 Larvae and the 2 mutant fly. are these just from an older version of the game or are they add-ons instead of replacements?

  10. tedsini
    • member
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    I'd love to add this mod, but I'm having some trouble understanding the instructions. From #5 on, it just doesn't click for me. More specifically, I'm not sure where the Unity Asset Editor should be running. Currently, it seems to be reading from a backup folder that contains the name "Wasteland". Also, I'm not sure what the five example files are. The UAE lists dozens of files and I'm having a hard time with your instruction to remember a file name and then scroll ... ah, I'm just lost there.Could you add a bit more detail for the less technically literate? I will certainly appreciate it. I'll check back. Thanks very much.
    1. vito740
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      This manual contains a description of an earlier version
      Now there are more files to the substitution
      Just after the turn by replacing the files with my modifications with the program and will be well at the end do not forget to save your changes and you're done
    2. Losse
      • supporter
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      Inside the compressed download file is a folder called 'NEW Markers'. Open it and then open the cursors folder.

      These are the files you are going to import and you have to import them 1 at a time. Its very tedious and takes while.

      To do this, i would have the 'program' that you are running in the left of the screen and the files to import on the right so you can keep track.

      The first one is alarmdisarm.dds. Find it over in the program that opened the resources.assets file. Click on it, then click on import from within the top menu area of the program. Then go find the file in the NEW Markers folder in the window that pops up, wherever you unpacked it, and import it from there. Do that for every file in the NEW Markers folder.

      It shows a picture of the texture on the right of the program screen.

      Hope this helps, its very confusing first time

      Once you have opened the resources.assets file