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Equalizes bonuses from Power-Ups to match those provided by Passive Items.

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The stat boosts provided by Power-Ups are often much different from those you gain from Passive Items during runs. This mod changes most of these Power-Ups to match the equivalent Passive Item. For example, "Might" will provide the same stats as "Spinach".


Raises inflicted damage by 10% per rank (max +50%).
Character recovers 0.2 HP per second per rank (max +1).
*Max Health
Augments max health by 20% per rank (max +100%).
Reduces incoming damage by 1 per rank (max -5).
Augments area of attacks by 10% per rank (max +50%).
Increases projectiles speed by 10% per rank (max +50%).
Reduces weapons cooldown by 8% per rank (max +40%).
Increases duration of weapon effects by 10% per rank (max +50%).
Weapons fire 1 more projectile per rank (max +2).
*Move Speed
Character moves 10% faster per rank (max +50%).
Character pickups items from 30% further away per rank (max +150%).
Character gets 10% luckier per rank (max +50%).
Character gains 8% more experience per rank (max +40%).
Character revives with 50% health once per rank (max +2).

*Curse: No changes to function, but is now free to purchase since it provides no benefits.


Yes, this is overpowered.

Along with the effects, the text of all Power-Ups were changed to match Passive Items for consistency. This was only done for English, sorry.

Magnet technically does not match Attractorb as the latter has irregular increases per rank and I wanted to keep the same stat growth per investment.


This was made using game version [0.5.205]. It's likely I will eventually fall off on the updating, as mods have to be remade from scratch for this game. In that case, anyone is free to update! Just want a little credit, and all is well.

To install using Steam; right-click Vampire Survivors in your library and select "Manage", then "Browse Local Files". From here, navigate to "resources" to "app" and then ".webpack". Unpack the folder you downloaded by double-clicking, now simply place the "renderer" folder I provided in the ".webpack" folder and overwrite when prompted. I also included file backups if you need them.