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Dig up the past through sheer force of nostalgia with this mod. This mod aims to add classic(ps1) Final Fantasy 7 music and sound effects to Valheim.

Permissions and credits
In terms of SFX, it mostly changes sounds not directly tied to realism; ergo parrying sound, critical hits, potion drinking, etc.; so it DOES NOT changes diegetic stuff like walking, jumping, eating, building.
When it comes to music, the additions were made based on music's overall feeling/mood conveyed, not the actual context in which those songs were used back in FF7 (nobody wants to relive some tragedies, but we can't leave some wonderful tracks behind either). 

To use this mod, it requires you to download Custom Audio by aedenthorn.

This is a work in progress and may change in the future.

Download Custom Audio first to properly start this wonderful journey (it requires you to start the game once after installing it).
If you opt for manual download, just paste the \Music and \SFX folders into the \CustomAudio folder that is inside the \Plugins, that in turn is inside the \BepInEx folder. In short: \Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio

If you opt for Vortex, apparently it works just dandy!

You can safely delete any tracks/sfx that you deem unfit for the game. Just go to \Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio and delete the tracks/folders of your liking!

Hell if I know. Proooooooobably won't conflict with anything else but, neither am I a game designer nor a programmer. This mod only adds .ogg files (sound).

Intended Implementations pending:
• Change bosses dying SFX
• Extend Bosses tracks

Hope you SOLDIERs enjoy this little trip to the past!