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25 new food recipes to cook! 3 of which are non-eatable ingredients for other recipes. Boar and Deer trophies can now be used in dishes, and so can Dragon Eggs!

Permissions and credits
Due to lack of time, I am currently not updating or fixing any issues with the mod. I will, however, get back to this mod, re-write it to work with the newest game patch, tweak current recipes and add new ones. Future updates may also include custom 3D models for the new dishes, as a friendly user has offered to create these for the mod as soon as I figure out how to add them to the mod.

Thank you for your understanding

Master Chef is a simple mod that adds 25 new recipes to the game, 3 of which are non-eatable but used in other dishes.
Boar and Deer trophies can now be cooked, as well as Dragon Eggs, which will yield great results for all the trouble of getting an egg back to your base.
Flax can also be processed into Flax Seeds, an ingredient in multiple recipes and Carrot Seeds can be used to create Carrot oil.

All 25 items have an icon made to match the aesthetics of the game, but were made quite quickly and might receive updates in the future. As this is the first iteration of the mod, all items borrow 3D models from other in-game items, so don't be surprised when you drop an item and it looks like something else. This may also be updated in the future if I have the time to figure out how to (I am no developer, but if you are, shoot me a message and we can make it happen together), and if enough people enjoy the mod.

List of all 25 new recipes:
Hotdog x4
4 Sausages
1 Bread
Carrot Oil x1
4 Carrot Seeds
Dragon Omelette x20
1 Dragon Egg
2 Yellow Mushroom
1 Dandelion
Vinegar x1
20 Cloudberry
Jam Sandwich x10
1 Bread
1 Queens Jam
Honey Sandwich x10
1 Bread
5 Honey
Carrot Butter x1
1 Carrot Seeds
1 Honey
Broth x1
2 Raw Meat
1 Dandelion
CBJ Sandwich x10 (Carrot Butter and Jelly)
1 Bread
1 CarrotButter
1 Duke’sJelly
Duke’sJelly x8
8 Cloudberry
8 Honey
FlaxSeeds x5
1 Flax
Fruit Smoothie x4
3 Raspberry
3 Cloudberry
3 Blueberries
2 FlaxSeeds
Vegetable Smoothie x4
4 Turnip
4 Carrot
4 Mushroom
1 Dandelion
Shawarma x4
4 BarleyFlour
2 CookedLox Meat
1 Turnip
Dürüm x4
4 BarleyFlour
1 Turnip
2 CookedMeat
Pancake x20
1 DragonEgg
10 Barley Flour
1 QueensJam
1 Honey
Blood Sausage x4
2 Entrails
2 Bloodbag
1 Turnip
Energybar x1
4 BarleyFlour
1 Honey
1 Raspberry
1 Flax Seeds
Pig’sHead Terrine x1
1 BoarTrophy
3 Carrot
2 Turnip
1 Vinegar
VensionHead Taco x1
1 DeerTrophy
1 Turnip
4 BarleyFlour
1 CarrotOil
Fish Stew x1
2 RawFish
1 Turnip
1 Thistle
1 Broth
Pig in a Blanket x2
4 BarleyFlour
1 CarrotOil
Salad Bowl x1
2 Carrot
1 Turnip
1 Flax Seeds
Burger x2
1 Bread
2 CookedMeat
1 Turnip
1 Flax Seeds
Neck Tail Skewer x1
1 Neck Tail
1 Turnip
1 Mushroom
1 CarrotOil

1. Install BepInEx and JotunnLib (Follow the instructions provided for each)
2. Download MasterChef and place the MasterChef.dll file in the BepInEx plugins folder
3. Place the MasterChef folder in the BepInEx plugins folder as well

If done correctly, it should look something similar to this structure:
> Valheim
> BepInEx
> plugins
> MasterChef
> Assets
  (This folder contains 26 PNG files)
> MasterChef.dll
> JotunnLib.dll