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  • 0.9.7

    0.9.7 Changelog
    Fixed several FPS issues related to crafting from nearby sources.
    Addressed the issue of the Food rack deleting food resources.
    The game now mutes itself when in background with a configuration for it in the options menu.
    Fixed Structural Integrity not allowing placement in free air
    Changed default iron chest rows to 4 instead of 3
    Added auto deposit and auto pull for Windmill, Spinning Wheel and Fermenter
    Added configuration for Windmill, Spinning Wheel
    Fixed Torches and Fireplaces running out of fuel
    Added a option to merge items when collecting your tombstone items with already existing stacks of the same item type
    Fixed noMysticalForcesPreventPlacementRestriction
    Added a option to always skip the intro on...

  • 0.9.6

    Changed unix .sh scripts to be more reliable and should cause less issues on multiple different unix environments.
    Fixed Auto Deposit lost item issues and the issue of containers not being selected in the correct order.
    Added Grid Alignment System to allow placement of objects in a specific pre defined "grid" for the default placement mode and free rotation placement mode
    Reduced the default unarmed damage to 70 instead of 120.
    Your current skill level is also displayed in the experience gained notification
    Added a option to turn off the guardian buff animation
    Added a option to disable the placement and hammer destruction restrictions of areas with "Mystical Forces"
    Added serverSyncHotkeys to allow clients to join servers and retain th...

  • 0.9.4 Release

    Added a option to remove structure damage to buildings built by players
    Added a option to disable portals
    Added no weather damage to objects placed in water
    Added a option to the Gathering to increase drop chances of resources from resource nodes
    Fixed iron scrap not being affected by gathering rates
    Fixed issues from crop notifications

  • 0.9.3 Release

    Changelog here:

  • 0.8.5 and 0.8.6

    New release is out. 

    You can find the changelogs here:

  • 0.8

    This version marks the first version that we are confident in saying that its the most stable and reliable that we have been able to provide yet.
    There should be minor issues, at worst.

    Changelog 0.8
    Added experience gained notifications at the top left.
    V+ is now supporting Linux.
    NOTEPlease keep in mind that this is the first version of unix support we are offering. We ask you to be considerate of it. Please note that we do not offer assistance in installation or are willing to explain to you how you can install this mod on your rented unix server. Please contact your respective server hoster for that.Fixed issues related to players not receiving health regeneration from food.
    Fixed issues in weird AEM and ABM messages being dispatc...

  • 0.7C

    This version contains additional options regarding version control.
    Since a lot of people seemingly had problems in understanding it.

    New Server Config & Version Control
    If you have enforceConfiguration and enforceMod enabled, only people with the same configuration and mod version can join your server and you can only join servers with the same mod and configuration.
    If you have enforceConfiguration and enforceMod disabled, you can join every server including vanilla ones as long as they allow you to. (Meaning they have either no v+ mod installed or enforceMod disabled)
    If you have enforceConfiguration disabled and enforceMod enabled, you will be able to join every server with v+ installed as long as its the same version.

  • Stable Release 0.7

    This version should be the first to not contain any issues with the provided features.
    If you are interested in having access to pre-release versions, please join out discord.

    New Server Config & Version Control
    Nobody will able to join any V+ server's without the exact same mod version __AND__ mod configuration!
    The server and every user that wants to join must have the exact same Configuration file settings.
    This is intentional and you can turn off only the option to enforce the same client configuration as the server.
    People will still need v+ installed from now onwards to play on v+ servers, even without enforced configuration.

    * New Server and Configuration version control.
    After this release y...

  • Release 0.6 - New Advanced Editing Mode

    New Features
    - Added Stamina Section/Modifiers
    - Added Advanced Editing Mode. Video
    - Option to disable camera shake
    - Option to modify the maximum placement distance of objects in build mode
    - Kiln can now have a adjusted maximum number of wood
    - A version check on game start to see if the plugin has the newest version.

    A quick note
    This release is severely more stable than any previous one, more tested than the previous one and there is very few things that might be able to go wrong. However I am sorry for every inconvenience that some of my mistakes/bugs might cause for server owners or in general. I do not have people on hand at the moment to test these uploaded versions on a larger and thorough scale....

  • Initial release to Nexus

    Due to the immense interest from people I went a head and added my mod to the Nexus.

    If you can find the GitHub repository here....