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BLOOD SIEGE - Custom Raids Configs: Adds new raid types & situations. Encounter strange weather events, enemy ambushes, evade hunters, sail into monster events & more. Used originally for testing mod issues, these configs will spawn every time, despite the 50 meter mod glitch (see video).

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BLOOD SIEGE - Custom Raids Configs
"More blood for the blood god!"

- 1.1 FIXED = Dedicated server errors. Cultist & Skeleton glitch.
- Adds 8 Types of raid events.
- Boon, Scout, Undead, Ambush, Water, Fog, Fire & Ice, Hunt & Weather events.
- Each raid type has 3 levels of difficulty.
- Each difficulty level increases the variety of mobs.
- The number of exclamation points a message has denotes the difficulty level (ie: !!! = Level 3 event)
- Events add more music & weather effects, wider variety of atmospheres & settings!
- Some raids feature passive creatures from other biomes. (ie: Boon Raids)
- Not designed to wipe out bases and players.
- Progression based unlocks for events starting with Eikthyr.
- Difficult raids unlock after Bonemass is killed.
- Location based raids added to many biomes( ie: Shipwrecks, Dolmens, Stone Towers, etc.)

- The red circle on your mini-map only represents 64 meters of the 96 meters radius event spawn region.
- CLLC Version is available (see optional files) which adds the special effects to mobs (CLLC mod required)
- A 50 meter radius glitch exists in raid event mods, these configs will spawn either way. (See video)
- If your event is glitched you only need to walk towards the red circle edge, mobs will spawn.
- Servers that restart each night or simply relogging in single player will fix the glitch.
- These configs will always spawn mobs even if your mod is glitched.
- Fog event mobs are not set to HUNT PLAYERS - you can just hide.
- Not all raids require direct attacks, some are simply weather or ambient events.
- Remember if you decide to edit or create your own events/spawns = Event settings and Spawn settings can contradict each other, make sure you have not created contradictions in your configs.
- If your base is larger than the red circle and you trigger an event at the center, NOTHING can spawn within range of your FOV.  Even vanilla Valheim events can be fully suppressed by player structure suppression criteria.

vCOMMERCE PRO - Adds a gold coin economy to Valheim (Buy & Sell to Haldor & Hildir).
FORSAKEN EXPANSE - Top 10 worlds seeds w/trader friendly spawns connected to 4+ biomes.

- There are 3 files included in the download zip.
#1 MAIN CONFIGS = custom_raids.supplemental.BloodSiege.cfg
#2 DEFAULT CONFIGS = custom_raids.supplemental.DefaultRaids.cfg
#3 MOD CONFIGS = custom_raids.cfg
- Add #1 to get the new raids only.
- Add #2 if you want nerfed flying mob events & troll events disabled.
- Add #3 if you want the same custom raids mod settings we use for testing.
To clarify = #2 is simply the standard Valheim events with nerfs to flying mobs & trolls set to disabled.

NOTE: If you only want to try the new raid events, just add #1 and you're good.

VANILLA = C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\config

THUNDERSTORE = C:\Users\"YOUR CPU NAME" \AppData\Roaming\Thunderstore Mod Manager\DataFolder\Valheim\profiles\"YOUR SERVER PROFILE"\BepInEx\config

Basically all files you want to use must be in the BepInEx CONFIG folder for Valheim.