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vCOMMERCE - PRO Vanilla = Creates a complex 'coin' economy for Valheim, crafting focused upgrade to basic. Hildir & Haldor traders will now buy & sell numerous items. Progression unlocks higher tier trades. Both traders offer a large list of common items; however, specific traders also have EXCLUSIVE trade & progression-based items.

Permissions and credits
Traders Extended - vCOMMERCE CONFIG

IN A NUTSHELL = PRO is a complex & strict version of vCOMMERCE configs.  It allows players to buy and sell crafted items and rewards all crafting efforts with higher profit margins vs. basic selling of drops and materials.  Traders will have much larger listings, if that's an issue try the basic versions. :)

- These 6 JSON files, add an in-depth coin-based trade system to Haldor & Hildir!
- Prices/values are directly connected to resources 1st, progression 2nd.
- Coin-based trader economy, helps establish a baseline value for hundreds of items.
- Pro adds a complete, tight economy, while Basic version adds a light, loose economy.
- Pro version uses strict resource values to calculate crafted items values.
- Pro locks key items more heavily behind proper boss kills, but still allows some early access trades.
- Values are fixed, but profit percentages still vary on all crafted items.
- Rebuilt from scratch, over 2500 lines & every item that could be added has been.

Forgotten Expanse (10 Maps with Trader Portals for day one trades. Spawn regions with 4+ biomes!)
Weightless Coins by Menthus (Removes coin weight altogether.  Tested 01/23/2024 = Works!)
PackHorse by Smoothbrain (Adds a skill to increase player weight capacity, helps with gold coin weight.)
Blood Siege - Custom Raid Configs (Adds 8 new types of raid events: ie: Ambush, Hunt, Boon, Weather events.)

- Due to game limitations, upgrading items does NOT increase their sale price.
- Crafted items sell for more than the value of the materials used.
- Double clicking on stackable items allows you to choose an amount to sell.
- Pro needs to be its own upload, since some players do not like massive item lists at traders.
- Basic version configs are much lighter, but have almost no crafting monetizations.
- Pro adds complex coin values to all aspects of crafting in Valheim.
- Certain items are omitted to preserve player motivations to explore/progress.
- Hildir's focus = Alchemy, Cooking, Magic Wands & Clothing.
- Haldor's focus = Smithing, Fishing & High-end Gear. 
- Certain items require specific mob kills.

vCOMMERCE - Pro Epic Loot (Crafted items economy added, Epic Loot compatible)
vCOMMERCE - Basic Vanilla (No crafting economy)
vCOMMERCE - Basic Epic Loot (No crafting economy, Epic Loot compatible)

- All traders have a common items listing; however, Hildir & Haldor have exclusive items and unlocks also.
- It's best to find Hildir in the meadows 1st, since her quests will usually end up sending you near Haldor.
- Hildir is setup to be the low-tier beginner trader since Haldor's better items are progression locked.
- Fishing and all aspects of the oceans themselves are very profitable.
- Crafting items, food, etc. is always more profitable than selling crafting materials.
- Anything that requires you to invest time or effort will have higher profitability, but not all endeavors are worth it.

- Add these 6 JSON files to Traders Extended plugin to create a basic economy in Valheim.
- This is NOT a pure Vanilla trade system, ie: killing the Elder unlocks certain items for swamps.
- Add value to trash mobs and junk drops, sell your junk for coin and buy items you want.
- Items are grouped whenever possible to make searching easier (Potions with potions, ores with ores.)

In essence, these configs will add motivation to collect items, kill mobs & participate in commerce.

INSTALLATION: All JSON's should be copied to your "Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/shundal-TradersExtended" folder

VANILLA = C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\shundal-TradersExtended

THUNDERSTORE = C:\Users\"YOUR CPU NAME" \AppData\Roaming\Thunderstore Mod Manager\DataFolder\Valheim\profiles\"YOUR SERVER PROFILE"\BepInEx\plugins\shudnal-TradersExtended

Basically all the vCOMMERCE files must be in the same folder as the Traders Extended plugin, not the CONFIGS!!!