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Dynamic seasons by altering textures and colors, providing an immersive environmental experience that changes with in-game time.

Permissions and credits

This plugin in still in development and will be seeing improvements and features so be sure to backup your world before updating.

If you notice any of your timers going into the negative values. You mostly need to delete your config file to let it regenerate. This will usually fix any inconsistencies. If you're problems persist, please contact me via Discord or leave a message on nexus, and I will try my best to reply in a timely manner.

Read the change notes as it may be important for users to delete the configs on the server and clients in order to avoid any problems.

3.1.3 - Major update
Delete configuration file and let it reload

Timer based off in-game time
Toggle to only change season when sleeping
Optimized weather system

Seasonality Github

  • Four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Counter determined by age of world
  • Full configurability
  • Status Effects depending on season
  • Weather control
  • Use of custom textures

How to Install
You should find several files in the zip.
Requires BepinEx to work. There is two major steps to the installation.

1. Seasonality.dll goes into the plugin folder
2. Place Seasonality inside config folder

Seasonality is folder, with all the textures necessary for the plugin to properly apply changes to the world.
Within it are many folders, with many png files.

This plugin has been designed with the premise of full configurability, meaning, you can manipulate the png files to create your very own look!

- Control configuration enables user to decide season at will
- Current season displays season and is a drop down choice for user
- Player modifiers can be toggled on and off
- Seasonal weather can be toggled on and off
- Modifiers can be customized

Compatibility with Willybach's HD Texture Pack
If you are using Willybach's Texture pack, make sure to download his custom seasonality textures

Modifies particle system colors of tree leaves and affects the colors of trees during fall season.

Global Keys
  • season_winter
  • season_summer
  • season_spring
  • season_fall

Use these keys with other mods to control behavior by season

Custom Textures
The plugin allows to use of custom textures by adding png files into the designated directories within your configuration folder in bepinex.

File structure
 - config
  - Seasonality
   - Textures
    - Beech
    - BeechSmall
        - spring.png
        - summer.png
        - winter.png
        - fall.png
    - Birch
    - ...
- plugin
   - Seasonality.dll

The names of the png files must follow the summer.png syntax in order for the plugin to recognize it.

Come find me on OdinPlus Discord in order to share texture files and learn about what the texture needs to look like.

Contact information
For Questions or Comments, find Rusty at OdinPlus Discord or Modding Corner

If you enjoy this mod and want to support me: Buy Me A Coffee or PayPal

Seasonal Tweaks
Additional plugin that contains extra features which works with the main Seasonality plugin.

- Modify plant behavior
- Modify pickable behavior
- Modify beehive behavior
- Modify gucksack behavior
- If Farming or Foraging is installed, you can use it to define ignore season parameter
- Modify seasonal items behavior