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Adds some custom RPG-style party Npc Followers to the game, with custom abilities & weapons/armor from other mods.

You can get this followers by Crafting their summoning totem which will spawn them next to you!

Command them to stay and protect your base/village or follow you on your adventure...

Permissions and credits

Custom Npc's Added: 

  • Ranger - Erandil: she wields a Runic Bow Imbued with magic that will poison her enemies dealing a low damage percentage overtime. She can also cast a vine to damage and stagger enemies. Her alchemy abilities make her immune to any poison damage received. You can give her Queens jam to heal.
  • Knight - Derian: he is mostly a tank that can block  incoming arrows with his shield. He can cast a protective shield aura on himself and nearby allies to protect them from incoming enemy attacks, he's also resistant to lightning damage and has a very high HP percentage compared to his low damage output. You can give him some cooked meat.
  • Warrior -Hedrick: he is a dwarf that's mostly always hanging around or running everywhere, but when it comes to battle he wields his crystal battle-axe and Iron sledge that he swaps in combat to slash foes quickly with his axe or deal aoe damage and knockback with his sledge. He loves mushrooms!
  • Sage - Carkuil: he is a healer and swordsman who grew up in the deep forests, he wields his staff to protect from fire type spells and his Runic sword to inflict magic elemental damage on his enemies, he can also use a healing spell to help his allies to keep up the fight! He likes forest berries.
  • Scholar - Sinduel: she is a high born elf mage who has studied and mastered the frost magic, she wields her staff to shoot off enemies with frost balls, and her spell-book to cast a powerful freezing blizzard. The mastering of her arcane art almost made her immune to frost damage. She likes to eat Queens jam.
  • Thief - Tallin: he is a halfling who is never to be seen when he wants to. Quick to his foot and short of height, he is an agile fighter who knows how to use his dagger to stab his enemies jumping on them, he can also throw his ooze bomb sometimes, and steal some grilled neck tail, carrots or a stack of coins (maybe?)...

More incoming classes and custom Enemies with drops...

 - Usage:

 - Gather the resources needed to craft the summoning totems, (same values as the crafting piece in vanilla game). And build them on some              place open (preferably), the npc will spawn in a few moments, you can destroy the summoning totem or leave it there (it will only spawn
    1 Npc at a time). To re-summon, rebuild the piece (caution not to spam).

 - The only way to unspawn* them is if they get killed. 


 - Prefab names:

 - "RRRN_Erandil"
 - "RRRN_Derian"
 - "RRRN_Hedrick"
 - "RRRN_Tallin"
 - "RRRN_Sinduel"

- This Npc's AI has been tweaked so they are always tamed when spawned and commandable.
  They have low damage but high health stats to serve mostly as a distraction when having a world full of mob enemy spawners.
 - Player character cannot damage the npc's, but can heal/buff them with spells.
 - If you die while in combat, they will most likely continue the fight and wait for you in the area to go rescue them.

-To do list:
 Add more custom Npc's with more mods to feature. 
 Add custom Ai to the Npc's for idling.
 Add item selling or player training ability/dialogue.
 Add custom enemies with their drops and spawn config. 
 Change the "pet" interaction to "command" for humans.


 -Incompatibilities: First person camera mod, (it makes some of the Npc's Head items to disappear when in first view and can also get bugged into    disappearing for good and turning them bald.
 - Do not attempt to generate templates for enemy mob exports with RRR_Monsters. When npc's die may result in a ragdoll mess, and also they may
   get undressed/unequipped.
 - Haven't tested compatibility yet with Teleport Wolves mod, but I guess it should work just fine.  

 - Installation:

 - Install RRR Core,
 - RRR Npcs,
 - And Custom spawner,
 - Open the game to let it generate the config files, close it.

 - Then download and install
 -Runic Pack,
 - Magic Overhaul
 - And MadHatter.

 - Unzip the file and drag the config folder to your steam BepInEx folder (replace files if asked, to add summoning totems to the custom spawners). 

 - Recommended mods: 

 - MonsterLabz (for more enemy mob spawners).
 - Fantu Pop Villages (to command your followers to stay watch on the villages and set them as their Jarls/Protectors).

 - Buildshare (to build their houses/meeting points watch towers, villages or even make their home a castle?).

 - Custom UI (to adjust the size of the HUD added by Magic OH.

 - ValheimFPSBoost 2 (This mod is configured to only disable shadows which can be helpful in a world with so many things going on, to gain some fps).

 - Special Thanks:

- Fantu: For the assets and inspiration to create the Npc's Fantu Sage's Vault
- Marlthon: For his awesome weapons and jewels! Runic Pack 
- KilingGodVH: For all the Magic Overhaul mod which adds so many features and assets! Magic Overhaul
- Detalhes: For the creation and permission to use his mod, letting me set the spawn of Npc's not trough console that would've been odd. Custom Spawners
- Neurodrome: For all of the awesome RRR mods collection and config guides, that allowed all of this! RRR Npcs
- Plumga: For the awesome clutter and decoration mods on the screenshots, and support on the odin plus team discord! Clutter
- GraveBear666: For the update of mad hatter mod and permission to use his masks/hats MadHatter

- Odin Plus Team: Who are always open to help and suggest new ideas!

 - This mod is made to be used with my custom enemies mod coming soon.