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Furok and Grim Age team for original model and textures

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Adds a new standalone armor set with progression across 4 upgrade tiers, featuring models and textures ported from the Grim Age Warhammer Fantasy mod for Mount and Blade. Verified working with latest patch.

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Furok and Grim Age mod team created the original models and textures used in this mod, I just re-rigged the model and did some other tweaks for use in Valheim. Grim Age is a mod based on Warhammer Fantasy, and as such should be considered a Derivative Work to which Games Workshop holds copyright to. Games Workshop's copyright thus extends to the models and textures used in this mod.

GoldenJude for Blacksmith's Tools and significant rigging help

zarboz for some help with some early rigging adjustments and ShaderReplacer

blaxxun for ItemManager/ServerSync

GraveBear for providing mouth grill model used in alternate helmet


Adds Chaos Warrior Armor as a new standalone set of armor to the game. Armor names and descriptions are kept fairly vague and don't outright refer to anything from Warhammer lore, if that matters to you. 

Recipes can be viewed and adjusted in ReepusDeepusDelmeepus4902761.ChaosArmor.cfg.

Gear Stats Breakdown

(T1, 4 quality levels)

Half plate harness (Prefab name T1ChaosPlateArmor)
Tusk plate helm (Prefab name T1ChaosPlateHelm)
Battered plate leggings (Prefab name T1ChaosPlateLegs)

(T2, 4 quality levels)

Three quarters plate harness (Prefab name T2ChaosPlateArmor)

Fanged plate helm (Prefab name T2ChaosPlateHelm)

Refurbished plate leggings (Prefab name T2ChaosPlateLegs)

(T3, 4 quality levels)

Uncanny plate harness (Prefab name ChaosPlateArmorBody)

Uncanny plate helm (Prefab name ChaosPlateHelm)

Uncanny plate leggings (Prefab name ChaosPlateLegs)

(T4, 4 quality levels)

Stygian plate harness (Prefab name EliteChaosPlateArmor)

Abyssal plate helm (Prefab name EliteChaosPlateHelm)

Tenebrous plate helm (Prefab name ChaosPlateHelmAlt)

Umbral greaves (Prefab name EliteChaosPlateLegs)

Unzip file contents into your Valheim install directory, after installing all required mods and their requirements.