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This mod introduces Necromancy into the game. It allows the player to summon up to 8 powerful skeletons by sacrificing HP with a new "convoking wand" added into the game. You can heal, sacrifice, and command your skeletons. Skeletons will also teleport with you and follow you.

Permissions and credits


(with wand equipped, obviously)
- Block & Z to summon - 
- Block & X to teleport minions -
- Block & V to heal -
- Block & K to cull -
- Block & N to make minions stay -
- Middle mouse button to cycle skeletons -


This mod introduces Necromancy to the game in a balanced manner. Using the new Convoking Wand you can summon up to 8 skeleton thralls. You can also convocate (teleport minions to you), execute, and heal your thralls in combat. Most of these abilities cost health as opposed to stamina. Since a summoner would normally stay safe behind their minions, it makes sense to take away some health as sacrifice to punish players who are trying to use the wand and fight with melee at the same time. This wand cannot attack, but it's decent at parrying. Aside from this, the wand is simply a tool for controlling your minions and keeping them alive. You can also sacrifice a minion to heal other nearby minions.

  • Swap between warrior skeletons and bow skeletons on the fly (no mage skeletons sorry)
  • Diverse minion compositions are more advantageous than using only archers or only warriors
  • Can customize the health of minions in config menu so that you can balance them (or unbalance them) at your leisure if you believe they are too strong or too weak
  • Can increase the speed of skeletons if you want skeletons that move at lightning speed like Path of Exile or Diablo 2
  • Skeletons keep up with the player's pace
  • Skeletons follow players through teleporters
  • Convocating your skeletons makes them follow you, so you don't have to chase down stragglers
  • Custom (kinda) wand model and icon
  • Difficult but balanced recipe components
  • I've worked quite hard to balance the necromancy powers to make it so that you are about as effective as a good player would be with the proper gear
  • Skeletons follow players into instances (burial chambers, crypts, and caves)
  • Skeletons stay on boats with the player and don't fall off
  • Skeletons drop no loot so it can't be exploited
  • Doesn't interfere with tamed creatures like boars and wolves
  • Skeletons do not attack friendly players or tames
Warrior Skeletons

  • Warrior skeletons can block incoming attacks
  • Warrior skeletons AI charge in immediately in-front of archer skeletons
Archer Skeletons

  • Archer skeletons are very accurate and can often shoot deathsquitos out of the air and deer that are on the run
  • Archer skeletons stand back away from the target, but wont move away if closed in on, which means having warrior skeletons and archer skeletons is better than just having all of one type
Future Plans

  • Add more conjurable creatures (a lot more involved than you'd think)
  • Add more customization (weaponry, skills)
  • Tweak balance if something is a bit too strong or weak
  • Configurable weapon damage and element damage modifiers
  • AI improvements
  • Manual targeting (force aggro skeletons onto one target to focus it first)
  • Make it so the text on skeletons doesn't say pet because that's pretty weird

  • Skeletons sometimes get stuck on things, I don't think this can be remedied completely, AI is the way it is and most games with summoning abilities have similar issues to this
  • Nearby players for some reason count as tamed skeletons I haven't figured out why yet so if there is a nearby player they will reduce your maximum skeleton count by 1, the same goes for nearby tamed creatures like boar and wolves

  • Compatible with CLLC (Creature Level and Loot Control) and can even be used to increase level of skeletons or add effects to them
Recipe & Prefab Name
Prefab name is: YewWand
Recipe requirements:
  • 1 Rancid Remains Trophy
  • 20 Withered bones
  • 10 Core wood
  • 15 Guck
Crafted in workbench at least level 4
Default Controls
  • To summon minions: Press Z while blocking
  • To convocate (teleport minions): Press X while blocking
  • To cull minions: Press K while blocking
  • To heal minions: Press V while blocking
  • To cycle skeleton mode: Press middle click to