Trials of Mana

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Bosses got a littel bit ferocious.

Bosses except BlackRabbis have been only a little bit stronger.

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Spend less time doing nothing, Increased attack frequency and faster attack speed.
* There are also bosses that do not change much, such as XanBie, AnissDragon.
* Except for some attacks where the motion collapses greatly when the speed is increased,
  0.4 times the watching time, 1.5 times the attack speed.
   (only the final bosses, 0.3 times the watching time, 2.0 times the speed of some attacks)
  Some motions, such as the Dark Lich's Hell Southern Cross, will collapse slightly, but i'm prioritizing enemy enhancement.
* In addition to the frequency of attacks, the stones which appears in Aniss battle have a faster resurgence time.
* For class 4 event bosses except Loki and the Beast King, it will be a little ferocious if you put the following mod for the treatment of the miscellaneous fish enemy
   (Black rabbis share some data with rabbis, which makes them half-heartedly ferocious)

****  Ver2.0  *****
 Aniss(human, dragon) and Beast king also made it a little ferocious.
 ※ Part of the motion of the Beast king has collapsed, but I prioritized ferocity.
 ※ Aniss did not become so ferocious.

! When using this MOD,
  Please remove the following MODs.
  Or Change the file name so that the number part before "_P.pak" of the file name is a number more than the numeric part of this MOD.
   - NeoCrimson_XXX_P
   - NeoDarkshine_XXX_P
   - NeoGoremand_XXX_P
  Example) NeoCrimson_1_P.pak -> NeoCrimson_2_P.pak

  様子見時間0.4倍、攻撃速度1.5倍 (ラスボスのみ様子見時間0.3倍、一部攻撃の速度2.0倍) にしています

****  Ver2.0  *****

! 本MODを利用する場合、
   - NeoCrimson_XXX_P
   - NeoDarkshine_XXX_P
   - NeoGoremand_XXX_P
  例) NeoCrimson_1_P.pak -> NeoCrimson_2_P.pak