The Outer Worlds
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This is a ID Code list for The Outer Worlds in a *.DOCX File

In order to use these codes you will need to download the Mod:

This will allow you to enter codes into the command console

I tried my best to get as many items as I could find, but some are missing. Sorry. If these are given to me, I will update this list.

When entering a code: Simply type in AddItemDebug (code) (amount)
For example: AddItemDebug ElectromagneticLockpick 50    (THIS WILL GIVE 50 MagPicks)
For example: AddItemDebug SC_LightMachineGun_Weapon_Uni_EV_OlReliable 1    (This will give 1 Ol' Reliable)

If the item has T1 & T2 or Through VAR 6 in the name, it means that there are multiple variations.
For Example: Helmet_CorpTrooper_CP_Phy_T1(&T2) has 2 variants. So Helmet_CorpTrooper_CP_Phy_T1 or Helmet_CorpTrooper_CP_Phy_T2 can be used.
For Example: Townie_05_Var1 or Townie_05_Var2 or Townie_05_Var3 and so on...

In the list if it mentions (*CHEAT ITEM), this is a item with no picture, so I do not know if these are supposed to be in the game.

Some Quest Items may break the game, so I am told, so use at your own risk.

Added items from LeoMaximus

Big Shout out to all the people on the forums who worked to add the items from the DLC.

1. If a line is crossed out, don't use it. Either the item has no effect or may break your character. If you happen to add, equip, and use a weapon that is crossed out, jumping on a ladder typically fixes the invisible animation freeze.

2. Tags:
Green = Companion items
Yellow = Rare
Dark Blue = Spectral (Max's Ghost Clothes)
Cyan = Science
Pink = No Thumbnail Image
Red = Cheat Item (an item you can't get in game, may also be set to level 99)

3. Warnings are in Red text, read them carefully before using.

4. Fun weapons to try:
AdditemDebug Robot_Companion_Corrosive 1 = Corrosive Washer [Sam’s Gun][Cheat]
AdditemDebug LiberationBot_TeslaCannon_Elite_Weapon 1 = Shock Cannon [NoImg][Cheat]
AdditemDebug LiberationBot_TeslaCannon_Weapon 1 = Shock Cannon [NoImg][Cheat]
AdditemDebug ScrapBot_PlasmaCannon_Weapon 1 = Plasma Rifle [NoImg][Cheat]

Thank you!

After many years, I finally went back and purchased the DLC for the game. I have since updated the list to include the items for the 2 DLC.
"Peril on Gorgan" and "Murder on Erindos"