The Outer Worlds
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About this mod

A redesigned HUD for The Outer Worlds!

This mod turns off everything in the HUD except your HP bar, your crosshair (it cant be turned off or it's impossible to use sniper scopes and similar), your quest location icon and some essentials. No fps loss, no bans!

Permissions and credits
Hi everyone! This is the first mod for the HUD for The Outer Worlds, and is fully customizable!

Remove all the non essential parts of the HUD to improve realism and immersion: enemy awareness icons and health bar, the bright outlines on npc/items when you can interact with them, directional damage indicator, fov adjustment and many others.

Put this file in C:\Users\*user name*\AppData\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor, and make a copy of your previous file 

If you cant find the Indiana folder
1) make sure you can see invisible folders or you cant find the AppData
2) If you're a Xbox Store user the path is:

IMPORTANT: after installing the mod, your Graphic and Display settings will be overwritten and need just to be set again

How to: Open the file with a notepad or text editor: values "0 / False / Off" turns off the effect, "1 / True / On" turns it on. Just make your choice!

MOST REQUESTED VALUES (Compass & Enemy Healthbar)
CompassVisibilityMode=Off  ---> Is your compass, i set it to Off, if you wish, set it to On)
EnemyHealthBarMode=Off    --->  The title says everything: Enemy HP Bar, i turned it Off, change to On if u wish it.

If you have some requests, just ask! Im glad to help <3

If you like the mod, press on Endorse and Vote, thanks!

Have fun you all!