The Outer Worlds

About this mod

Adds facial hair, different hairstyles, etc to companions

Permissions and credits
For now, I don't know how to fix the error with Max's Mustaches. But I can give the companions haircuts, including off the Unreliable. :) ..But it may also give your captain a haircut. If your captain has Ellie's hairstyle (number 6) and is female, she will have whichever new Ellie hair you choose from this mod. Same for Felix (male number 17) and Nyoka (female number 11). Sorry, I can't change this. Max and Parvati use unique hairs so swap them with no fear of changing your captain.

The following hairstyles are available - Tight Spikey, Mohawk Shave, Medium Wave, Small Dreads, Info Broker, Ellie, Short Cropped, Dutch Braid, Adjutant, Afro Tight, Nyoka, Heavy Wave, Sallie, Parvati No Goggles, Wave Bangs, Tennyson, Felix, Scientist, Head of MSI, Earth Min, Chairman, Tight Bun, Short Slick, Max, Cropped Fade, Graham, Mohawk, Receding, Buzzed, Null, Parvati, Max Unique. These are not my names, they are the names included (as are the numbers in my paks. Tight Bun for some reason is number 22a). Max Unique is male only. I will put them all up as options eventually. For now, the following are uploaded:

  • Ellie - all hairstyles! These are the same as the ones uploaded individually. I zipped them together to unclutter the files page. It's too many with each companion getting 30 hairs.
  • Parvati - all hairstyles!
  • Max - all hairstyles! Note that Max has more clipping with certain hairs than Ellie or Parvati seem to. The ones with close cut areas (Mohawk, Graham, etc) have obvious issues, Buzzed is the worst imo since you can see the whole thing floating. If I can, I'll reexamine them later but it may just be his head.. Max Max looks like Max Unique but doesn't fit his head correctly. It's included for the sake of completeness. *Updated with a new zip including Max's dream hair. It's blue and glowy.
  • Max - Info Broker mustache in place of hair so he's bald. But the mustache shows everywhere!

  • Felix - all hairstyles! *Includes Max dream hair which is somewhat glowy/blurry.
  • Felix - Info Broker mustache in place of hair so he's bald. But the mustache shows everywhere!

  • Nyoka - all hairstyles!

PLEASE READ - The following sadly only works on the Unreliable. I'm unsure why but hope to figure out the problem. I moved these files to Optional Files since they only partially work.

Change the appearance of the companions! Will add more things soon. Leave a comment if you'd like a specific edit!
  • Max with various beards (Graham style has a visible gap)
  • Max with beard and receding hairstyle

* Note - Companions only sadly, I cannot get other NPCs to change and this will only change the companions once they are in your team. Meaning, when you go meet them for the first time, they will have their original look. Recruit them and they will change. Sometimes you have to open the inventory and look at them there to get the change to go through. I don't know why this is or how to get other NPCs to change yet.