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Better penetration of the rifle ammunition, especially for soft-point bullets
Ammunition class range improvement
Weight rebalance of the weapons, accessories, consumables and equipment to more realistic and gameplay-friendly form
Small optional choices

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT NOTE: Finally updated for Rancho del Arroyo version of the game. 

Only file that changes weight and prices of the items was uploaded and updated as it was the only one affected by the change of the game. Files changing ballistics are still in original Main file package.

This is rework of my older mod that improved weight of the firearms to the reasonable values.
It is now expanded as I am able to mod the game just a little bit further as well as because some mods were not updated for long time and cannot be used properly after recent updates of the game

  • Optional file that rebalances prices of the ammunition for the firearms was added.
  • Replaces equipment_data.bin file
  • Optional file with more potent rifle ammunition (penetration + damage)
  • Optional file that pushes .22lr to .22WMR (.22lr on steroids) level. This version is now Class 3 legal (Class 1-3)

  • All rifle ammunition is changed in terms of the penetration increase, especially expanding bullets.
  • Some ammunition have energy and bullet weight changed to fit real world properties (increase where energy was too low for the standard real world counterpart. .45-70, .300 Wby, .338 to name a few). Changed in a way so that muzzle velocity remains unchanged - so ballistic curve should be "same"
  • you now should expect double-lung shot with expanding ammunition when the shot is taken on reasonably-sized animal at normal hunting distance (100m). NOTE: Subject to further tweaks according to the gameplay experience
  • Much angled shots or frontal shots are still sometimes undepenetrating but even I.R.L. such a shots are considered tricky at best - use "armour piercing" bullets instead
  • .22 lr is now improved to be effective on Class 2 animals and is able to hit vitals in the case of the broadside shot. It is also Class 2 legal (It can do it in the case of Class 3 but is not legal)
  • All centerfire ammunition is now at least Class 3 legal (yes you can hunt roe deer with .470NE :-D ) Lower class range was thus expanded, upper one remains unchanged.
  • Some rounds were expanded further to Class 2 or 1 - check table on the provided picture. It is because turkey is Class 1 and in some states of the USA, it is allowed to hunt it with either muzzleloaders or some centerfire ammunition. You can now use lead Ball on turkey, but not Minie projectile
  • Minie projectile is now Class 9 legal. I made it by accident and then I decided to left it as is. Because Lion is Class 9 animal. It is your call if you decide to use it on Cape Buffalo which is not supposed to. But it is your game.
  • General idea is: While there are imposed some legal minimal requirements (= upper limit is reasonable idea) when hunting particular animals, although they vary over the world; I am not aware about imposing limits on the maximum power allowed - not on the general level. In short, while it is not legal to shoot Cape Buffalo with .30-06 Sprg. in most if not all African countries, hunting fox with standard rifles, roe deer with .45-70 Gov etc. is perfectly legal. My Class change attempts to mimic this as well as to set some rounds as Varmint ones.

  • Optional version for the .303 British which in vanilla form is ~300 J of the muzzle energy more powerful than .30-06 Springfield (.303 is roughly copy of the game's 7mm Magnum). Optional version is reduced to the real life values, but this time it was necessary to change bullet weight so the muzzle velocity is also affected because vanilla one as calculated is around 950 m/s - that is insane for this round. Thus ballistic curve is affected compared to the original one. On the other hand, this version is made Class 2 legal, while standard modded starts at Class 3.
  • I made no shotgun, handgun and arrow mod as there are already there some and for me they are just fine
  • You will not see changed values nor new class range in the game as it is stored elsewhere. Even before the last updates it was stored in the file that controlled other properties thus I would not like to modify it as it would be incompatible with other mods anyway. But upper limit is still valid (Class 9 Minie ball being the only exception)

Weight and price rebalance

  • weight of the all weapons, accessories, consumables, equipment as well as sometimes prices were changed to fit real world values. Some weight was tuned to make it more gameplay-friendly. 
  • I also made some differentiation - i.e. rifles with polymer stock are somehow lighter then those with wooden one (as they are in the real life)
  • Also I tuned down some prices for the consumables and equipment when I found them too high
  • NOTE: Some stuff is now heavier than vanilla one. It is rather rare, but there are few cases. I.e. M1 Garand or Martensson 6.5mm
  • Option to change ammunition prices as well. Developers seem to take very pricey varieties, included swedish taxes and ignored that box price in the store they used is for 20 pieces while you buy box of 10 only in the game. So I looked for fair prices of the renown manufactures, recalculated price in Euro to price Swedish currency for the box of 10. I generally kept the rule that Polymer-tip is some high-tech ammo while soft-point is rather standard type. Some prices especially for shotgun ammo are influenced by the real world effects like being standard and mass produced type or rather specialty (i.e. 10 gauge) - that's why some smaller gauges might be more expensive than larger one. It is not all about the size

  • Optional version with some further weight reduction of some equipment
  • Second optional file is now provided that incorporates all previous changes including the one from the optional file but now expands changes to the more realistic prices for the ammunition

So far it seems that file which some modders used to change i.e. backpacks' properties (capacity, noise, visibility) as well as properties of the consumable was removed and it is not known where the properties are hidden. But I was not able to mode even previous version myself, as I was unable to understand the values there. Thus while I cannot improve i.e. duration of the scent remover/lures, their range etc. or capacity of the backpacks. I was at least able to make consumables more affordable and tuned the equipment weight so you can set on the hunting trip with 2 rifles, some callers, lures, scopes and maybe a tent or tripod and still be within basic weight limit.

Add the following line to CotW's steam launcher option as is. Including dot at its end:
--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive patch_win64 --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-archive dlc_win64 --vfs-fs.
or if it doesn't work try this shorter version instead:
--vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive archives_win64 --vfs-fs.

  1. Choose what you want to mod
  2. Choose whether you want main option or the optional one

Copy subdirectory inside directory of the chosen option into your main theHunterCotW directory:
That means you have to copy directory starting with the name "dropzone" (respectively all files have to be placed under proper pathway made inside dropzone folder).
If you do not have dropzone folder in your game directory, means that you have not used any mods so far, either create it, or copy my files starting with dropzone


Weights+prices are controlled by one file, ammunition properties by set of individual files so you can select what you want install and what you do not. If you want change equipment properties, install that part, if you want only rifle ammunition, install only those file. They are not interconnected.


Changes weights of almost all weapons, sights, consumables and equipment and sometimes also their prices.
Check provided data on the picture to see full list of the changes
Warning: now outdated, for older version of the game. Works, but Rancho del Arroyo shotgun would be missing. If you want this feature, use file from the update, that is replacement for this part. Ammunition files are still up-to-date


- All rifle ammunition is changed in terms of the penetration increase, especially expanding bullets. Some ammunition have energy and bullet weight
changed to fit real world properties (increase were energy was too low for the standard real world counterpart). Changed in a way that muzzle velocity
remains unchanged - so ballistic curve should be "same"
- .22 lr is tuned up so now it can make vital organ shot on Class 2 animals and is legal for them (it can do it in the case of Class 3 but is not Class 3 legal)
- all centerfire ammunition is now at least Class 3 legal (yes you can hunt roe deer with .470NE :-D )
  Lower class range was thus expanded, upper one remains unchanged. Some rounds were expanded further to Class 2 or 1 - check table on the picture

(NOTE: previous option are all in the one main file package, these are separate additional files added later on)


Weight of the ground blinds, treestands and tripod stands is reduced from 6kg to 4kg (in the main file they remain as in original) - install this one if you prefer it. It is just one file so if you have already install main file, just overwrite it. Rewrite by main version if you want to return back
Outdated, replaced by file in the Update. Now, just one version for this part of the mod, not several options. This version should work, but Rancho del Arroyo shotgun would be unavailable.


This part contains files only for .303 British where muzzle energy is REDUCED to the normal state as the vanilla game version is on par with 7mm MAGNUM (seriously). Unfortunately due to the insane muzzle velocity the really feasible option was in change that changed muzzle velocity as well. Thus ballistic curve is changed. To compensate for this possible inconvenience for long range sharpshooters, this version of the .303 British is Class 2 legal compared to the main
one that is Class 3.


Alternatively if you i.e. want to modify properties only of the some ammunition type, copy selected file into proper full directory path created in your game directory. Both files are needed for any particular ammo and bullet type:

So, if you want to modify only .30-06 Springfield, copy files:

where PT means polymer-tip round and SP is for soft-point one

If you are happy with PT but want to improve SP, copy only

and so on.


.22lr changed to .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire)
- .22lr ammunition only, than changes muzzle velocity and energy to the values of the more potent .22 WMR
- Warning! Velocity changes means change in ballistic curve and zeroing is affected as well. Test proper aiming at range!
- Class 1-3 legal (vanilla - Class 1,Alpha 1.0 and Ammunition more power Class 1-2)

Ammunition - more power

-  Compared to Alpha 1.0, penetration for all rounds is further increased by 25% compared to Alpha 1.0
- Damage parameter is increased: 25% for Polymer-tip and 50% for Softpoint/Hollowpoint


All weights rebalance PLUS Ammo prices rebalance


Same as previous Optional_Equipment_weight_more_reduction from the main package but now including ammo prices as well
. Outdated, only 1 version now available (Update file)


Even vanilla games is known to screw them up!


Any mod using file
or otherwise changing same properties - this file controls weight and prices
ammotunec + ee files are for the ammunition, one set or each type and bullet option

Special thanks to:

besthsq - for inspiration how to mod ammunition
Akoniis - for inspiration regarding equipment, as well as values he used there
WarbirdRed5 - for som youtube guide how to make some parts in much convenient way. Without it I would not have patience to do it and test and tweak through the hex editing