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Automatically add a fixed profit or a multiplier to the market cost of all products at the start of the day!

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💰Introducing the Auto Price Updater!💰

With this handy mod, you can effortlessly manage the pricing of your store's products without the need for constant manual adjustments each day. Here's what you can expect:
  • Instant Updates: Trigger a complete pricing update across your supermarket with the simple press of two keys. It’s that easy to refresh your pricing strategy! (CTRL + R)
  • Smart Pricing: The mod intelligently adjusts the prices of items you've set based on optimal profit rates, ensuring you're always earning a healthy margin. Slightly undercut the market price, enhancing the attractiveness of your products to cost-conscious customers.
  • Customizable Pricing Options: Tailor your pricing model to fit your business needs. Choose to add a fixed amount to the average market price or apply a multiplier for an across-the-board price change.
  • Rounding Rules: Maintain clean, customer-friendly prices by rounding to the nearest dollar or specified decimal. Opt for rounding up, down, or to the nearest chosen increment to meet your aesthetic and strategic needs.
  • Effortless Management: Once set up, the mod runs in the background, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while it keeps your prices competitive and profitable.
  • Per product updates: Want to keep a product price static? Just add the id to the ignore list!

Say goodbye to the tedious task of updating each product's price individually, and hello to the convenience of automated pricing with Auto Price Updater!

NOTE: Mod will modify ALL prices. If you just enable rounding it will round the market price to the selected direction, you have to enable a PriceModifier. Out of the box products will be sold at 1.1x market price and rounded to the nearest $0.10 multiple. Mod will update prices once you start a new day, or press CTRL + R for an instant update. F5 + F6 to reload config while in game.

Exclusive Settings: The mod ensures that certain settings don't overlap for a seamless experience. For example, if both Price Addition and Price Multiplier are enabled, Price Multiplier will be disabled to maintain clear pricing rules. Be careful on what you want!

How to install?
  • Download and Melon Loader from Here.
  • Launch the base game, "Supermarket Simulator," and allow it to run once before proceeding.
  • Exit the game, and then run MelonLoader.Installer.exe. In Unity Game, click 'Select' button and locate "Supermarket Simulator,exe", select it and accept.
  • Unzip the "AutoPriceUpdater" mod files and transfer the contents into the game folder located at "X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Supermarket Simulator" or Right click game in Steam -> Manage -> Browse local files.
  • Modify “[GameFolder]\UserData\PriceUpdater.cfg” to you choice.
  • Profit?

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