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Show battery charge on item quickslots.

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Battery Charge Indicator

If you missed knowing what batteries you shall recharge soon just by looking at your quickbar, you just found a solution.
This mod allows you to set your favorite indicator style, configure colors and basically just enjoy the moment of your batteries loosing charge!

Yes, this mod is compatible with MoreQuickSlots and QuickSlotsPlus (as of 0.2.1)


The configuration is held in config.json.
As of 0.2.1 the options are:

Key: style
Values: Default/Text/BZ
Description: Choose from the large variety (three) of vibrant styles for battery display.

Key: coloring
Values: [{"threshold": float, "color": color}...]
Description: Colors used on indicator. If useGradient is false, the values act as threshold to change color (i.e. having {"threshold": 0.20, "color": #FF0000} will make battery go red if the charge is under 20%). If useGradient is true, these are gradient keys. Make sure to keep a value for "threshold": 1.0, otherwise funny things happen. Colors are given in HTML format.

Key: useGradient
Values: true/false
Description: To have smooth transition from high-charge to low-charge color, or to change colors below some threshold. Choose wisely.

Key: showOnBatterySelector
Values: true/false
Description: When enabled, shows charge indicator on battery icons in replacement menu (i.e. one opened with [R]).