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Adds up to 12 quick-slots with hotkeys! Built for QMods

Permissions and credits
by RandyKnapp
built for QMods Mod System

*** Added Mac Version ***

Ever want more quick slots? How come they give you like 9 tools and only 5 slots?! Fear no more! MoreQuickSlots is here for you!

MoreQuickSlots allows you to add up to 12 quickslots, as well as add labels for the hotkeys for each slot. Easy to use, easy to install, easy to configure.

- Fixed a bug where if you quit to the main menu and went back into the game, the hotkeys would no longer work.
- Added keybindings to the config file
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't assign to a slot by pressing the slot key while hovering in the inventory
- Fixed a bug where hotkey labels wouldn't show on new game
- Fixed a bug where hotkey labels wouldn't after entering or exiting a vehicle
- Fixed a performance issue while piloting the Cyclops
- Fixed input text/icons for gamepad

QMods Installation:
  1. Download and install QMods
  2. Extract MoreQuickSlots_QMods.zip to your Subnautica install directory
  3. Run the game

  1. Open mod.json in a text editor
  2. Under the "config" object, edit the values as you want
    • SlotCount: [Number between 1 and 12] Sets the number of quick slots
    • ShowInputText: [Bool] Show or hide the input labels on the quick slots
    • Slot6Key: [String] Key value for slot 6
    • Slot7Key: [String] Key value for slot 7
    • Slot8Key: [String] Key value for slot 8
    • Slot9Key: [String] Key value for slot 9
    • Slot10Key: [String] Key value for slot 10
    • Slot11Key: [String] Key value for slot 11 (default -)
    • Slot12Key: [String] Key value for slot 12 (default =)
  • Find key values here: https://answers.unity.com/questions/762073/c-list-of-string-name-for-inputgetkeystring-name.html

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