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The De-Extinction Mod adds 15 (from small to leviathan sized) new creatures to the world based on scrapped or unused Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero concept art.

Permissions and credits
The De-Extinction Mod brings a current total of 15 new naturally spawning creatures into Subnautica, each fully fleshed out with different behaviors, preferred biomes, PDA entries, and more! Currently there are 10 small edible creatures, 4 larger inedible creatures, and one large, very much inedible leviathan class lifeform.

(This project is not affiliated with "Architects of the Unknown" or that team's "Return of the Ancients" mod)

Creature List:

Spawn Codes:

Biome Revamps

Potential Future Plans:
- Performance Optimization
- Animation Improvements
- De-Extinction Below Zero Version
- Eletrogami
- Ascender Worm
- Deep Twisty Bridges Creature
- And more!

- Install this mod like you would with any mod on QMM - simply extract the ZIP file and place it in the QMods folder in your game directory.
- Note this mod requires SMLHelper and ECCLibrary to work properly.

Notes (Please read)
- In worlds that have been played on before installing the mod, most creatures are unable to spawn in areas that have already been visited (due to how spawning works).
- If you don't mind breaking your game a little bit, you may be able to clear the cache and get all the new fish to spawn. This will delete all dropped objects so be careful!
- Despite extensive testing, there may still be problems, so please report whatever issues you find.
- If you find the existing sounds too loud, please look into the Mod options and go to the ECC (Eel's Creature Creator) tab. Adjust the volume and reload the game.

VR Users Please Read
- Because of limitations, and being unable to actually debug in VR, you may want to disable ECC audio entirely while running the game in VR mode. Otherwise it will make what is reportedly a "scratchy sound".
- Yeah.... this mod was made without VR in mind. Sorry.
- I tested it and it works fine. Still can't recreate the scratchy noise.

If you have issues with hundreds of fish duplicating
- The easiest fix is to clear the cache.
- On top of deleting the CellsCache folder you may also want to delete the file.
- I am not sure if this issue is related to the mod.
- Note that clearing the cache may stop certain creatures from spawning.

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