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Removes the Particle and Light animation from The Base Water Filtration Machine.

Permissions and credits
I Pulled open the access panel after nearly going blind the first time I saw this work. Almost had a fire in my habitat and I don't have to tell you that fires in an underwater base are bad.Darn corrupted blueprints in my PDA have the red wires where the blue wires are supposed to go....

... Took me a bit but I fixed the wiring and my gods... No more sparks. Just a 3D printer working the way it was intended.

Save my Eyes Series:

The Save My Eyes Series was inspired by family members having difficulty playing certain
parts of the game due to extreme brightness changes, blinking, and flashing
elements. Many were far too fast and would cause headaches/migraines. So I set out to change or remove some of the worst visual FX while contemplating how
I can make the changes make sense in the game world.
Flares: v1.0.1
Laser Cutter: v1.0.3
Propulsion Cannon
Repair: In Progress
Repulsion Cannon
Stasis Rifle

Base Parts:
Water Filtration: v1.0.1
No Strobe Fabricator   By: yw2theorycrafter and kairalit


Seamoth Damaged

UnderWater Electrical Breaks: Under Investigation
Ship Flames
Large Drillable Deposits
Story Spoiler [TelepathyScreenFX()]

Special Thanks to:
OldDark1: Modding Tutorial
Metious: Encouraging me to "Do it myself"
My husband: Providing support and occasionally the sacrifice of his eyes to review status.
Defender(Hun): A great guide to the impact of VFX in Subnautica on Steam Community

*I am just starting to learn the coding language and frameworks, but a girl needs to start
somewhere. The Mods are set to my personal preferences. I welcome feedback on the changes!