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Buildable floating platform for habitat building

Permissions and credits
You can build this platform with Mobile Vehicle Bay. It unlocks along with Neptune Launch Platform. ItemID: HabitatPlatform.

Console commands:
For now, if you want to move the platform, you can use following console commands (all commands works with the nearest platform to the player):
  • hbpl_warp [x] [y]
  • Warps the platform to the selected coordinates. If the coordinates are omitted, then the platform will be warped to the position in front of the player.
  • hbpl_move <x> <y>
  • Moves the platform along its local axes by x and y (you can use Custom Hotkeys mod for binding this command to the hotkeys).
  • hbpl_rotate <angle>
  • Rotates the platform around its vertical axis by angle (you can use Custom Hotkeys mod for binding this command to the hotkeys).

Also, there are console commands for fixing the platform, in case it needed:
  • hbpl_fix
  • Fixes the collision boxes for the platform.
  • hbpl_reset_angles
  • Resets rotation for the platform (use it if the platform is tilted for whatever reason).

For convenience, you can also use Console Improved mod.
Be aware that these commands will not check for collision with anything, so make sure you saved your game before use them.

  • add various info to the terminal (platform name, current power etc)
  • add ability to move the platform using terminal (with power cost and collision checks)
  • add some sort of cruise control for the platform


Extract the archive into your QMods folder

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This mod checks for updates periodically via the internet.
You can disable it in the mod.json (set "UpdateCheck" to false).

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