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Yes! Now can use arms with Seamoth!

Permissions and credits
SMLHelper versions no more supported!
Steam Legacy Branch no more supported!

(older version remains available in the Files tab)

  • MOD create a new Equipment Type: "SeamothArm" integer code: 100
  • MOD create a copy of all Exosuit arms (claw, drill, grappling, propulsion and torpedo)  with this new type.
  • These arms can only be used in Seamoth.
  • These arms can be crafted in the Vehicle Upgrade Console.
  • Slot Extender is required for MOD to work!
  • Arms now is fragment based.
  • Fragments must be found and scanned.
  • Three fragments must be scanned for each type of arm.
  • Fragments removed!
  • For unlock: scan same type of exosuit arm.

Using Arms:
  • Arms can be select with default button "O" Left Arm and "P" Right Arm.
  • Only one arm can be used at a time.
  • If the arm is selected, it can be activated with the left mouse button.


  • You must have all requirements installed.
  • Simply extract the SeamothArms archive into your BepInEx\plugins\ folder.

TechType and fragment location help:
  • "SeamothClawArmFragment" for "SeamothClawArmModule"
  •  Locations: Crash zone sand, Kelp forest sand, Grassy plateaus sand.
  • "SeamothDrillArmFragment" for "SeamothDrillArmModule"
  •  Locations: Mushroom forest sand; Grassy plateaus sand; Dunes sand plateau.
  • "SeamothGrapplingArmFragment" for "SeamothGrapplingArmModule"
  •  Locations: Crag field sand/rock/ground.
  • "SeamothPropulsionArmFragment" for "SeamothPropulsionArmModule"
  •  Locations: Mountains sand/rock; Koosh zone sand.
  • "SeamothTorpedoArmFragment" for "SeamothTorpedoArmModule"
  •  Locations: Underwater islands island top/tech site scatter; Blood kelp tech site scatter.