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Slot Extender 2.7 allows you to use 2 more chip slots, 12 upgrade modules simultaneously in the Seamoth and the Prawn Suit, and 14 upgrade modules in Cyclops.

Permissions and credits
Steam Legacy Branch no more supported!

(older version remains available in the Files tab)

  • SlotExtender adds two extra chip slots to the personal equipment.
  • SlotExtender adds (max. eight) extra upgrade module slots to the Seamoth and the Prawn Suit.
  • SlotExtender adds (max. eight) extra upgrade module slots to the Cyclops.
  • SlotExtender is automatically compatible with all vanilla upgrade modules and should even be compatible with all modded upgrade modules for the Chip, Seamoth, Prawn Suit and the Cyclops.
  • Torpedo Modules for the Seamoth can only be added in slots 1-4.
  • Prawn Suit storage modules limited to four!
  • Slot Extender also adds extra QuickSlots for the extra slots.
  • Default keys:
  • 'R' for Prawn storage access.
  • 'T' for Vehicle upgrade access.
  • 'Upgrade Slot 1-4 hotkeys' for Seamoth storage access (if there is a storage module).
  • '6,7,8,9,0,/,=' for extra module hotkeys.
  • The contents of all the upgrade slots, including the extra ones, is handled by the normal game save files.
  • Slot layout can change in configfile (Grid, Circle)