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About this mod

This mod adds Wind Turbines to the game. They are a great, but expensive, replacement to solar panels.

Permissions and credits
1) QModManager
2) SML Helper

Installation Instructions
1) Download the zip file.
2) Extract it.
3) Place the WindTurbinesMod folder (located inside the zip file) into the QMods folder.
4) Launch Subnautica

If you have trouble finding the folder, the directory on steam, by default, is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\QMods

Wind Turbines are large exterior modules that function above water. They generate a large amount of power, which increases based on elevation. The higher the power output, the faster they spin. Not only do they generate power, but they just look nice. They are a level up from solar panels in efficiency and appearance.

Wind Turbines require maintenance periodically, but this can be disabled with config.

Too high of a power output means a loud noise which is harmless but mildly annoying. You can disable this in the config.

Certain locations (along the x and z axes) on the map have more wind than others. For now this is random, but you can experiment to find a good windy place. Or disable it in config.

Configuration file
The mod folder has a config.txt file. The values can be set to either true or false. Do not change anything else in the file or it may break, and the mod might not load.

If you'd like to see some more content, or would like something to change, please tell me below and I will consider it.


Note: Many people have been having problems with the Turbine maintenance. You may want to set TurbineTakesDamage to false in the config.