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The nuclear reactor the Cyclops always deserved! Enhance your reactors with upgrades to maximize energy output. Powered by MoreCyclopsUpgrades.

Permissions and credits
Cyclops Nuclear Reactor
It's time to put all those reactor rods to good use, in the most awesome Cyclops power source ever created!

New Buildable!
Cyclops Nuclear Reactor
  • Unlocks when you discover the blueprint for the Base Nuclear Reactor
  • Powered by common (and relatively cheap to produce) reactor rods.
  • Processes 2 reactor rods when first built.
  • Can process up to 10 reactor rods once fully upgraded.
  • All reactor rods provide energy in parallel.
  • The more more active rods, the faster the energy production!
  • Fully displays available energy levels in the Cyclops HUD, on hover, and in the PDA.

New Upgrade Modules!
Cyclops Nuclear Enhancer Mk1
  • Unlocks when you discover the blueprint for the Cyclops
  • Build it from the Cyclops Fabricator or the Nuclear Fabricator
  • Enables up to 6 reactor rods active at once
Cyclops Nuclear Enhancer Mk2
  • Unlocks when you discover the blueprint for the Modification Station
  • Build it from the Modification Station or the Nuclear Fabricator
  • Enables all 10 reactor rods active at once

Required mods: Make sure you have these installed first.
Next step: Extract the zip archive into your QMods folder.
  • You should end up with a single folder named CyclopsNuclearReactor
  • Use the "Extract here" option to avoid accidentally creating additional folders.

It is Highly Recommended that you also use the Radial Tabs mod as more and more mods continue expanding the crafting trees far beyond what the UWE devs ever intended.

3D model and art assets created and coded by FCStudios
Integration with MoreCyclopsUpgrades API and other coding by PrimeSonic

Special Thanks
SeraphimRisen for help with beta-testing and bug-hunting.

Built using the MoreCyclopsUpgrades API. Check the wiki for details.

Source code on PrimeSonic's GitHub

FCStudios Trello