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About this mod

Adds additional upgrade consoles and all the tools modders could need to easily add many more upgrades to the Cyclops.

Permissions and credits
Where did all the upgrade modules go?
All upgrade modules are now optional
  • MoreCyclopsUpgrades has been reworked to become more of a framework than a single, over-bloated mod.
  • The public APIs from 3.0 have been overhauled and greatly improved in the 4.0 update.
  • With these new APIs, all of the upgrade modules that used to come built in with MoreCyclopsUpgrades were finally split into optional add-ons.
  • Now, players can choose which additional cyclops upgrades they want for their game, all powered by the same MoreCyclopsUpgrades APIs.
  • For mods that alter the behavior of existing upgrades (like thermal and engine upgrades) the original/vanilla behavior will be used if the mod isn't present.
  • Yes, that means you can even go back to the original Thermal Reactor if you liked using that instead of the modded version.

For a list of mods powered by MoreCyclopsUpgrades, just scroll up and click on the "Requirements" panel.

But for now, here is a starter set of mods that I have personally worked on.

Auxiliary Cyclops Upgrade Console
  • With so many upgrade modules, there was never enough slots to really make use of them all. Well now you can finally build as many upgrade consoles as you need in your Cyclops.
  • Each Aux Upgrade Console will provide you with an extra six slots for cyclops upgrade modules.
  • Now you can finally find a place for those Fire Suppression System and Decoy Tube Modules that you could never use.
  • Displays the icons for all upgrades installed so you can see what's installed without opening the PDA.
  • Where can I craft this? You will find it in your Habitat Builder under Interior Modules.
  • What do I need to unlock this? The Auxiliary Cyclops Upgrade Console will be available once you find or craft the Cyclops Depth Module Mk1.

How Cyclops Charging Works
Because of all the new ways to charge the Cyclops, it had to be made more intelligent when it came to how it would use its new energy sources.
To start with, energy sources are divided into "External" and "Internal".

sources of energy are basically free and draw power directly from the environment.
This is energy that comes from something outside the Cyclops.
These sources include things like the Solar Charger module when in range of sunlight or the Thermal Reactor Module when close to a heat source.

sources of energy are limited and either consume materials or have lengthy recharge times.
This is energy that is produced from inside the Cyclops itself and at some cost.
These sources include things like the Bioreactor, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Module, and even the reserve batteries of the Solar Mk2 and Thermal Mk2 modules.

With this mod, the Cyclops follows these rules when it comes to when it charges its power cells and from where.
  1. If there is External energy available, use that alone and don't drain the limited Internal energy.
  2. If there isn't any External energy available, then Internal sources of power may be used as long as the Cyclops power cells aren't over the Deficit Threshold (see New Config Settings).
  3. If the power cells have dipped below the Deficit Threshold (95% by default) then and only then will Internal energy start charging the power cells.
  4. Emergency Power Protocol: If the Cyclops is currently charging from External energy but the power cells have gone below 50%,
  5. the Cyclops will allow Internal energy to be used to avoid being out of power in case of an emergency.

New Feature in 5.0!

Allows external mods to add more Aux Upgrade Consoles
  • New public APIs allow mods to quickly and easily integrate their own auxiliary upgrade consoles
  • See the wiki for full details
New Features in 4.0!

Power Info Icons
  • The HUD at the Cyclops helm and on the holographic display will show info whenever the Cyclops is receiving power.
  • You can disable these in the options menu if you find things getting too cluttered.
  • To avoid draining power sources that have limited energy (like nuclear power, biomass, and reserve batteries),
  • the Cyclops won't drain energy from those if a more renewable energy source (like solar and thermal) is currently providing power.
PDA Icon Overlays
  • The IconOverlay system provides modders an easy way to overlay text on top
  • of the upgrade module's icon when being viewed in the PDA.
  • Most of the new cyclops upgrades out right now make use of this new feature.

New Config Settings
  • AuxConsoleEnabled (requires game restart)
    • Enables/Disables the Auxiliary Upgrade Console from being patched in
    • Aux Upgrade Consoles are enabled by default
    • This only affects the Aux Upgrade Console provided by MoreCyclopsUpgrades itself.
    • AuxUpgradeConsoles from external mods will still be enabled.
  • ChallengeMode (Difficulty Settings)
    • Easy: No penalties applied. This is the default selection.
    • Medium: Applies a 15% penalty to engine efficiency and power provided by cyclops chargers
    • Hard: Applies a 30% penalty to engine efficiency and power provided by cyclops chargers
  • DeficitThreshold
    • Unified the checkbox and slider that managed the old Nuclear Module into a
    • single slider that now manages all chargers that run on limited energy
    • The slider goes from 10% to 99%
    • This sets what percentage of battery power the Cyclops needs to be brought
    • down to before non-renewable chargers are tapped for power
    • Defaults to 95%
  • ShowChargerIcons
    • Configures the Power Info Icons that display which chargers are currently providing energy to the Cyclops
    • Never: Always hides the power indicator icons
    • WhenPiloting: Only shows the icons in the Helm HUD, visible only when actively piloting the cyclops
    • OnHoloDisplay: Only shows on the holo-display
    • Everywhere: Shows icons in both locations. This is selected by default.
  • EnableDebugLogs
    • Enables/Disables additional Debug level logs from MoreCyclopsUpgrades
  • HelmEnergyDisplay
    • Allows the user to select how energy is displayed in the Cyclops piloting HUD
    • PowerCellPercentage: Vanilla behavior. Shows the percentage of energy in the power cells.
    • PowerCellAmount: Shows the total energy available in the power cells
    • PercentageOverPowerCells: Shows a percentage that can go over 100% as power cell energy is added to all available reserve energy
    • CombinedAmount: Shows the total energy combined across power cells and reserve energy

You must have QModManager and SMLHelper V2 installed first.
Extract the downloaded MoreCyclopsUpgrades zip archive into your QMods folder.
Use the "Extract here" option to avoid accidentally creating additional folders.

Special Thanks
Huge thanks to WaisieMilliams for helping understand how to manipulate Unity UI elements at runtime.
Much appreciation to Narda038 for re-imagining the Cyclops upgrade icons in higher definition.
Thank you to SeraphimRisen for a lot of help testing and the 3.1.4 update.

Source Code publicly available on GitHub

Want to add your own Cyclops upgrades?

You can now use MoreCyclopsUpgrades as a mod library! Check the wiki for everything MCU can do for you.