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An autosave system for Subnautica, based on time intervals and (configurable) separate save slots.

Permissions and credits
Subnautica Autosave by Dingo

An automated save system which saves in time intervals. The autosave slots are separate from the normal save by default, but can be configured otherwise.
You can define several custom parameters in the settings file (see the Configuration section).

1) Install QMods if you haven't already
2) Download the zip file from the Files tab
3) Unzip the contents of the zip to the game's main directory (where Subnautica.exe can be found)

(Optional) Configuration:
1) Navigate to the mod's directory (Subnautica\QMods\SubnauticaAutosave).
2) Edit settings.json with Notepad or your favourite text editor.
3) Define custom values according to your preference. The settings available are -
  • "SecondsBetweenAutosaves": 900 -- The time (in seconds) between autosave attempts. Must be at least 120.
  • "MaxSaveFiles": 3 -- The maximum amount of autosave slots. Must be at least 1.
  • "MinimumPlayerHealthPercent": 25 -- If player health is below this percent, no save will occur. Change to 0 to disable this option.
  • "HardcoreMode": false -- If true, autosaves will override the normal save slot instead of using separate slots.

(Optional) Translation:
If you want to contribute a translation for this mod, please follow these steps:
1) Look at the file "English.json" in QMods\SubnauticaAutosave\Languages
2) Copy that file and change the file name to your language. It needs to match the file name in Subnautica\SNUnmanagedData\LanguageFiles
3) Translate the file. Do not touch the keys ("AutosaveStarting"), only the translated values ("Autosave sequence...")
4) Share the file with me, preferrably over GitHub, a Nexus private message or (if you must) a comment

  • Q. Is this mod safe to add or remove from an existing save file?
  • A. Perfectly safe.
  • Q. Does this mod have any known conflicts?
  • A. I don't think so, but I would not use this mod with Safe Autosave due to redundancy.
  • Q. Does this mod impact performance?
  • A. Autosaves are stored using the same code as regular saves. Gameplay will "freeze" for a few seconds when saving and then continue normally.

Source code can be found here. (Link: GitHub)

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Made for the QMods Subnautica Mod System
Unity 2019 update by MrPurple6411
September 2020 update by Bisa
German translation + feedback - DJDosKiller
Russian translation - ZiiMiller & NelttjeN
Swedish translation - obgr
French translation - Yanuut
Polish translation - vsx06
Turkish translation - Nodzukav
Spanish translation - Anthuulos