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A new base item in game that when placed will show all the items that are kept within lockers in your base or cyclops.

Permissions and credits
Resource Monitor Mod 1.0.2

Allows new base pieces to be built that when constructed will show all items stored inside lockers within your base or cyclops. You can find these new base pieces under "Interior Modules"

New 1.0.2 Update:
  • Items can now be added to the "DontTrackList" text file.
  • Fixed issue in the mod.json file.

New 1.0.1 Update:
  • Fixed the game freezing when either quitting through the in game menu or closing the application.

1.0.0 Update:
  • New world model.
  • Ability to grab items from the Monitor.
  • Start up animation.
  • Idle animation.
  • Ability to configure what objects are not tracked.
  • Slightly edited UI.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

New Items:
  • Resource Monitor Screen Large
A large screen that takes up the majority of the wall.
  • Resource Monitor Screen Small
A small screen that takes up a lot less space on the wall.

  • Ability to see all items kept inside any Storage Container within your base.
  • Ability to take items from the Monitor which will then take items from the respective lockers.
  • Cyclops support
  • RandyKnapp's AutosortLockers support.
  • Start up and idle animations.

Special thanks to BlueFireExplosion for creating the new world model.

  1. You must have QModManager downloaded and installed.
  2. You must have SMLHelper V2 downloaded and copied into your QMods folder.
  3. Simply extract the ResourceMonitor archive into your QMods folder.

Configuring what objects/items do not get tracked:
  1. Locate "DontTrackList.txt" in "Qmods/ResourceMonitor"
  2. At the bottom of the file on a new line add the id of the object you do not wish to track.
  3. You can get the id of a object by finding the object on the Subnautica wiki and looking at the sidebar's "Item ID" section.
  4. Check what you have entered is in lower case. It is case sensitive.

Source Code found at: