Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Replaces the audio for the Imperial Classes with voices from the OG BF2 game.
Addons include the classic announcer and voices for reinforcements.

Permissions and credits
Includes Voice Lines for the Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist
Voice lines for reinforcements are not affected. Addons are available though, if you'd like them to sound like the main 4 classes. An alternate version is now available that leaves the Specialist class untouched so that they remain female just like the base 2017 game.

Optional Addon Files

Classic Announcer
"Nothing can stop the Empire!" Capture command posts with the original BF2 Imperial announcer barking orders at you! It works for all ground-based game modes. You may even hear a few lines from the 2005 game's campaign announcer on Hoth, Yavin IV, or the Death Star II from time to time....

Death Screams
Because hurt and death sounds affect all troopers in the game regardless of faction, I made the classic death screams available as an optional download. Be aware that this will change the death screams for both male and female human soldiers, since I decided to make the Imperial Specialist a male trooper. Alien races, droids, and certain reinforcement characters with their own death screams (like the Death Troopers) will not be affected.

HOTFIX - Shoretrooper Captain
My dumbass forgot that the Imperial Officer has a Shoretrooper Captain skin with its own audio files separate from the rest of the Officer audio files, so I made this addon file that replaces their audio with a helmeted male Stormtrooper voice. "Why not make this part of the main mod in an update?" Because after working on the Classic Rebel Alliance Voices and all the addons to the Classic Imperial Voices, I REALLY hate sound importing in Frosty at this point and I DO NOT want to have to go through the trouble of making sure my old project file works for the main mod again. It's just easier for me at this point to release a "hotfix" addon mod just to fix the Shoretrooper Captain skin.

Officer Addon - Helmeted Male Voice
Do you use a mod that replaces the Officer with a helmeted soldier, such as a Tie Pilot for example? I've got you covered with this addon. Personally, I recommend L3oN1das's TIE Fighter Pilot Officer model, but you can also use Chuckychica296's Rogue One Stormtroopers instead.

ISB Agent Addon 1 - Non-Helmeted Male Voice
The main file only replaces voice lines for the main 4 classes of the Empire. The ISB Agent is still female just like the vanilla game. However, if you like using a mod that replaces them with a male ISB Agent, then this addon will bring that soldier more in line with the other 4 classes and use a non-helmeted male "Imperial officer" style voice from the original Battlefront II game. If you're a fan of Star Wars Rebels, check out strongedward10's Agent Kallus mod for the ISB Agent.

ISB Agent Addon 2 - Helmeted Male Voice
"What if I replaced my ISB Agent with someone who wears a helmet, like Thisguy446's Death Star Gunner?" Don't worry, I've thought of that too. This addon will make the ISB Agent have a helmeted male "Stormtrooper" style voice from the original Battlefront II game.

ISB Agent Addon 3 - Royal Guard
Suggested by Spectra196, this addon mod replaces the ISB Agent's audio with voice lines from Battlefront 2 (2005)'s cut content: the Royal Guard playable hero. Since he shares the same voice actor as Sev from Republic Commando, additional audio is included so you won't hear the same 10 lines over and over again. Ideally this addon goes best when paired with a mod that replaces the ISB Agent with a Royal Guard like Chuckychica296's Rogue One Stormtroopers or Thisguy446's Imperial Guard Pack, but you don't need them to use this addon.

Death Trooper Addon - Helmeted Male Voice
Suggested by gekiganger117, this addon mod replaces the Death Trooper's audio with that of a regular helmeted male Stormtrooper from the OG BF2 game. This addon is best used with a mod like MankDemery19's Swamp Trooper, for example.

Only sound files are replaced in this mod, no gameplay files are touched.

Does NOT require Frosty Alpha
This mod was created using Frosty Editor to ensure that everyone is able to use it. I absolutely love Frosty Alpha and I still encourage everyone to switch over to it, but I just really wanted to have this mod available to as many people as possible! :)

Notes for Future Updates:
 - There are currently no plans to include voice lines for Starfighter Assault, but I will reconsider if there seems to be a high demand for it.
 - Similarly, no emotes have been replaced, but I may add those later on just for consistency. There's just not going to be the perfect voice line from a 16 year old game to replace every emote.

I've also made a similar mod for the Rebel Alliance which you can check out here. I don't plan on making anything for the CIS or Republic as there are already excellent mods available for those factions:
ZengerFake's CIS Battle Droid Audio Overhaul
TheClonedelta's Battlefront II Classic Audio Overhaul
xShadow1357x's Temuera Morrison Clones

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