Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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This mod changes Anakin Skywalker to make him look more like his appearance in ROTS.

Changes include movie accurate face, hair, eye and clothing textures.

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This mod aims to match Anakin to his appearance in Revenge of the Sith.
The mod includes changes to his face, hair and eyes, but also changes to his clothing on his ROTS skins (Jedi Knight and Jedi Robes).

The mod comes in a full version (face edits and clothing edits) as well as a face-only version (no clothing edits) and a clothing-only version (no face edits).
For versions including face edits, this mod also offers a 4K version besides the regular 2K version.


This mod is also compatible with Chucky's General Skywalker Retouch, which I highly recommend for that skin.

Special thanks to
Slypear - for doing the high-quality upscaling to 4K
Chucky - for making the mod compatible with his 

For the best impression of the mod, take a look at the pictures. Otherwise, here's a full description of the changes.

Head changes

 New face textures
A realistic skin tone and improved shading make for a accurate look.

 Accurate eyes
With a new base texture for his eyes and accurate colours, you'll see Anakin's eyes as never before.

 Improved hair colour
Slightly tweaked hair colour and contrast result in a better resemblance.

 Correct scar placement
Putting scars on the correct positions on his face and making them interact better with lighting give a movie accurate result.

Clothing changes
These changes are only about the Jedi Knight and Jedi Robes skins.
The General Skywalker clothing is unaltered by this mod.

 Movie accurate colours
Tweaked colours that appear more brownish in some lighting while more blackish in other lighting, similar to how it appears in the movies, while also being faithful to the actual costume. Tested in different maps for the best result.

 Improved materials
Matching the materials on the actual costumes, changes have been made to detail maps and incorrect patterns replaced with movie accurate patterns.

 Added sleeves
Added basic sleeve textures with a custom material.
(Note: due to Anakin and Obi-Wan using the same texture for the arms, place the one whose textures you find more important below the other in the mod list, if you're using both Movie Accurate mods)

Optionally, you can download other portraits to match each of Anakin's skins, in the style of my other mod.
These optional portraits can be previewed in the pictures above.

Sith Eyes Addon
By request, the mod now also features an addon file that gives Anakin Sith Eyes, as seen in ROTS.
This addon mod works in combination with the base mod, but also works standalone.
Put the addon file below the base mod in the Mod Manager for it to work.

Crappy preview gif, giving a general idea of the mod.
Be sure to check out the images above too :)

Made by Rupture13