Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Displays more info on the Spawn Screen. Unlocks an improved version of the unfinished Starcard Loadouts feature.

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Mod Status: Working (August Patch - 2020.08.26.)


Displays the Planet, Map and Game mode name on the Spawn Screen.

Improved Starcard Loadouts:

Unlocks an improved version of the unfinished Starcard Loadouts feature.


  • The loadout feature is not tied to a profile option, if the mod is installed the feature is automatically enabled.
  • "Activate Loadout" button is not needed, the tab you select will be the active loadout.
  • Fixed issues where the game didn't remember the last used/active loadout.
  • Replaced the "Loadout X" text with game mode names for Heroes and Villains, so it's easier to remember which loadout is which.
  • Made the loadout tabs visible on the Weapon Equip screen so equipping the attachments is faster and more convenient the first time you set up the mod/loadouts.


  • You will have to re-equip your weapon attachments for each gun for Slot 2 and 3 - the current game version stores the same weapon for each loadout slot, but you can use different attachments (for example you can have the NT-242 with dual zoom and cooling mod in the first two slots and have it with Disruptor shot in slot 3).
  • If you just want the feature for Heroes, you can keep using the Loadout 1 slot (which is the default behavior without Loadouts) and ignore the rest for the other classes.
  • If it's used together with GameModeInfo, the Improved Starcard Loadouts mod should be loaded after (under) the GMI mod.
  • To turn off the Loadouts - assuming you previously didn't use a different method to unlock it - just remove it from your mod list. 
If the "Activate loadout" button appears just press it, or activate Loadout 1 for each character before removing the mod so the button won't show up later.

The mod is MP compatible, but as always, use mods online at your own risk!