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High Resolution Retexture of Architecture Surfaces in 2K and 4K resolution

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Oh you sad sad surfaces. It's so immersion breaking walking through tight corridors or getting up close to any structures in this game. This mod retextures nearly all the surfaces of architectural structures in the game, excluding those from outposts, space stations, and some specific to the major cities. I'll release those separately later on.

Original textures were 1K and some 512 and 2K resolution. Now you have 4K and 2K resolution options. All options should offer improvement over the originals, to varying degrees.
I have upscaled them using chaiNNer and AI-generated ESRGAN models with full mipmaps. Version 3 BA2 archives created with BA2 Upgrader.

BA2v3 ARCHIVES (Recommended)
Put the BA2 file directly into the game directory, and you will also need to add the BA2 archive name to the ini file at My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini, or Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\Starfield.ini
Look for the [Archive] section and at the bottom (under sResourceIndexFileList=Starfield) post the archive name for the file that you are using.
Archive names are:
Architecture Redone - 4K.ba2
Architecture Redone - 4K-2K.ba2
Architecture Redone - 2K.ba2

Vortex/MO2 Install: this mod should load directly from the game directory
Manual Install: Unzip the mod, then copy the data folder and paste it into Documents/My Games/Starfield, making sure that you also have the appropriate ini edits (uploaded here)

I plan to upscale nearly all game textures piece by piece. Each type of game object/texture requires different treatment and I'm going slowly through them in order to produce the best results. Please track my mods to get notified of new releases.

I have released over 250 mods, nearly all texture optimization or upscaling for Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077. My work has been featured in a number of gaming magazines over the past two years.

You can find me in v2's Starfield discord here, and all my graphics mods are included in either the Main Constellation Collection, or in one of the associated graphics packs.

Is this compatible with x mod?
These are just textures, so they are easily overwritten by other mods or vice versa. Loose files will always overwrite BA2 archives.

Why single mods instead of an AIO?
I do plan to release some AIO mods later, but I want to be able to address bugs and make improvements at each stage of this project and also allow users to pick and choose which textures they want to improve based upon their gameplay and personal preferences.

I'm having a bug or other problem with this mod, what do I do?
Please report it on the 'Bugs' tab on this mod page. I may not be able to keep up with all the comments on the 'Posts' tab.

How does this differ from x mod?

I can't say for sure, but one of the main differences between my upscales and others is that I spend a great deal of time testing different interpolations (mixtures) of AI-generated models for the best combination for each type of texture map and each type of object that I'm upscaling. Even with my years of experience I may run 8 different tests on one texture file before moving forward.
There are programs out there that are fully led by AI software and will just take an image and do all the work for you. Those will never produce as good of results. Of course, detailed hand work is still superior when available, but far more time consuming. I do what I can and it's way better than vanilla.
In addition, I always provide a variety of resolution options for users to choose from so that they aren't forced into whatever I decide to be the best.

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