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Restores cut content to visit the Leaning Tower Of Pisa and The Face On Mars, and adds new landmark quests to visit the NASA Launch Tower, Nova Galactic Research Station, and the Mars Rover.

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There is a Pisa Landmark with accompanied snow globe ingame, but for unbeknownst reasons there is no actual quest for it. Most players have probably never heard of it. The Face On Mars does not have a quest either.  This mod gives Pisa and The Face On Mars proper landmark discovery quests. A couple of new landmark quests have also been created for locations that were formerly locked behind the main quest Unearthed. I did this because the locations are cool and in vanilla you cannot access them if you skip MQ in NG+ or if you dont do MQ at all. 

New Landmark Quests - Visit Pisa, NASA, & The Face On Mars
5 new books have been added to Sinclair's bookstore in Akila City. Each book grants the player a new landmark quest. The quests work exactly like the vanilla landmark quests: Pisa & Face on Mars quests feature unique collectible snow globes, while NASA Launch Tower & Luna Base have toy ship collectibles. You may need to wait 48hrs for the vendor to reset before the books show up in Sinclair Books. The Mars quest can also be started by reading the Cydonia plaque. 

I also included a slightly "cheaty" plugin in optional files that adds all 10 vanilla landmark books to Sinclair's Books. This plugin does not require the main file to use. Plugins are made with xEdit.

List of New Books
Dante's Divine Comedy
Dante Alighieri's narrative poem, considered a seminal work of the Western canon. Divided into three acts, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, the poem is a religious allegory that reflects the Christian theological worldview of Old Earth society.

Unlocks Pisa Landmark quest. 

The Face Of Another 
A classic of 20th Century Japanese literature, Kobo Abe's novel meditates on social alienation, the volatility of personal identity, and the duplicities of reality through a surrealistic narrative of a gruesomely disfigured man.

Unlocks Face On Mars Landmark quest.  
This quest can alternatively be triggered by activating the Face On Mars plaque in Cydonia.

The Last Exodus
Oft labelled as amongst the greatest literary works of all time, Margaret McCarthy's historical epic, The Last Exodus; or, Moses And The Black Sea, documents the final days of Earth as humanity scrambled to chart its final destiny towards the stars.

Unlocks NASA Launch Tower Landmark quest. 

First Man
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
James R. Hansen's official biography of American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

Unlocks Nova Galactic Research Station Landmark quest. 

Opportunity: The MERs Archives
Drawing upon unearthed NASA archives, this non-fiction book by Simone Cohen chronicles the scientific legacy of the unmanned Mars Exploration Rover program, one of our earliest forays onto the surface of the red planet.

Begins the vanilla Opportunity Landmark quest, which otherwise can only be started through the final MQ missions.

Optional Plugin: All Landmark Books At Sinclair
Adds all 10 vanilla landmark books to Sinclair Bookstore. This plugin does not require the main file to use, but both are mutually compatible. Ignore the script conflict - the main plugin and the optional plugin use the exact same script. 


Requires Nukem Plugin Loader
Install with vortex/mo2/dysonvacuum/manual/whatever. Manual install not recommended.

Q: There is a script conflict for Conner_Template_LLInjectorScript
A: This is not a conflict and causes no compatibility issues. That script is a template that can be used by multiple mods.

Q: I cant go inside NASA or Nova Galactic Research Station
A: Do the Unearthed mission. 

Q: The landmarks are pointless
A: Ok. 

Q: Do the new landmarks count towards "Tour of Earth" Old Earth spacesuit progression?
A: No.

Q: Do the new landmarks impact main quest progression?
A: No. 

Q: Do you get an achievement for finding the new landmarks?
A: No.

Q: The new books are not showing up at Sinclair
A: Wait 48hours UT for vendors to repopulate their inventory. This mod injects the books into the leveled list for compatibility's sake. 

Q: Is this safe to uninstall
A: There is an asterisk to uninstalling because the mod adds new scripted quests. Back up your saves and proceed with caution. 

Q: Mod is not working
A: If you are reading this before November 2023, the current version of Vortex has issues installing mods containing both esm and scripts. This mod is a member of that club, so it is probable to be a Vortex problem. 

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