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Makes tweaks to Krobus' relationship dialogue to make it closer to traditional game relationships, as well as adding a special cooking recipe. Comes with two files that modify Krobus' gender accordingly.

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  • Mandarin

I was fairly unsatisfied with the relationship the game allows you to have with Krobus. It is not an actual relationship beyond being a very awkwardly close friendship. I was even more sad to learn that Krobus' functionality as a 'spouse' is even more limited than normal. No farm work, no events without mods, and the dialogue with him is limited to not even include as many entries as some others. I was unsatisfied, and so I decided to do something about it.

Introducing my Krobus Relationship Changes mod for Content Patcher. This mod makes simple edits to Krobus' dispositions and dialogue to make it seem more like a real romantic relationship. It also includes a brand new recipe that Krobus can gift you once you are good enough friends with him. All of this without changing the fundamental idea of a taboo relationship with a creepy monster.

This mod changes:
  • Krobus' generic dialogue.
  • Krobus' marriage dialogue.
  • Krobus' housemate classification (reclassified as "spouse").
  • Various text specifically targeting Krobus as Housemate. (For example, trying to start a new relationship while dating Krobus.)
  • (OPTIONAL) Krobus' assigned gender. (Download comes with 2 separate choices of folder)

This mod adds:
  • Some generic lines for Krobus.
  • Marriage dialogue for certain days as well as more generic relationship dialogue.
  • A brand new cooking recipe and item, specifically from Krobus.

It couldn't be easier! And this is coming from a guy who swore by XNB mods. (I'm a changed man.)

  • V.1.0.4 - Corrected a bug with V.1.0.3 that caused Krobus to disappear/not show up on the social tab... Ya boy accidentally deleted a "/" and stuff broke.
  • V.1.0.3 - Corrected the dialogue with Krobus at the end of the year, fixing a bug that caused the dialogue to loop infinitely no matter what choice was made.
  • V.1.0.2 - Fixed a bug with Krobus' 2-heart dialogue causing the question to auto-answer.

Conflicts: Any mod that modifies Krobus' dialogue (specifically any dialogue that I have edited or added) will not work properly with my mod. Additionally, any mod that modifies the last item slot in SpringObjects will conflict with this mod. I'm still new and will look into working this out at a later date, maybe make some variations.

PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS OR ISSUES TO ME. I will fix them ASAP. As you can probably imagine, testing a mod like this can be time consuming and things might slip through the cracks. If there are dialogue errors, spelling errors, or errors in functionality, let me know.

On Krobus and Adoption/Pregnancy: At this point I've learned that these things are hard-coded into the game and cannot be changed via Content Patcher. You and I both need to look at alternative methods.

Also, you may notice my Krobus looks a bit different. That's because I'm using the fantastic Anthro Characters Continued mod. Check it out if you want to!