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Alex is by far the fittest person in Stardew Valley, but his body doesn't look like that. To make his appearance match his workout (when he's on ""some""" steroids) I developed this mod. Besides, this mod exists to annoy a friend ;)

Permissions and credits
  1. Download the newest version of this mod from NexusMods or the GitHub release page
  2. Extract the ZIP-File and put the folder into the mods folder of SMAPI (mostly located under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods")

  • Watch how a very muscular and buffed Alex lives
  • Experience the old (and better) hair sprite of Alex


You can find a complete description of all changes in the GitHub repository


If something doesn't work, or you miss a feature, feel free to open a new issue on the GitHub Page of this mod. Please always use the GitHub issue page instead of the issue page of NexusMods or something else


A big thanks to CommanderWaddles for publishing the modification (NSFW) ... Alex Muscular Sprite. I use his idea and sprites as base for my modification. The main difference between our mods (and the reason for me to develop this piece of code) is that my version is mostly SFW and compatible with the latest StardewValley Version. I give Alex a shirt and pants, add missing poses and improve his muscularity
Furthermore, a huuuuge thanks for Pathoschild to develop SMAPI and Content Patcher. This modification uses both of these technologies to run!


This is not related to this mod but heres a little YouTube Video i recommend to you