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Customizable alternatives to the fishing minigame, with Here Fishy as the animation inspiration. Giving you balanced (depending on your choices) alternatives to spamming one button over and over.

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This mod replaces the fishing minigame (or goes alongside it, depending on your config) with configurable alternatives. With the current animation base being a full rewrite of Here Fishy by aedenthorn (with their permission) for 1.5.4+

The mod is (more or less) balanced around a two part minigame, with the first part (start) currently having one option, and the second (end) having three alternatives. It might not be perfectly balanced, but I've made sure that you can catch any fish with the right combo of tackle and skill.

Nearly all aspects, like general difficulty, or rod, bait, and tackle (net, bait, and megaphone) effects are customizable. You can even completely disable all minigames to get the same effect as the original Here Fishy (without the bugs) - if you're so inclined :(

Story time:

Random ideas:

  1. Download and Install the latest version of SMAPI. Made for 3.12+, earlier versions might not work.
  2. [Optional] Download and install Generic Mod Config Menu (GMCM). If you want an easy way to customise the minigames on the fly, with in-depth explanations.
  3. [Optional] The Here Fishy! voice is probably copyrighted under some magical law, so my download comes with a TTS version by default. And a bad recording of my attempt (my regular voice is too deep). Check the 'assets' folder, whichever is named 'fishy.wav' is the one used. You can also get the original from the original Here Fishy and use that ;) Maybe someone could record me a better version? That should be fine to use, could do male and female versions too (pitch is already in use for voice diversity)?
  4. Download this mod from Files, and unzip the FishingMinigames folder into your Mods folder.

  • Tested with Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE), Ridgeside Village, Stardew Aquarium, Fishing Made Easy Suite, Everlasting Baits and Ubreakable Tackles and more. Anything that adds fish via simple mechanics should work, mods that modify difficulty via simple ways like Content Patcher should be fine, although this mod has its own difficulty customization.
  • Singleplayer, multiplayer and split screen (local coop).

  • A bit janky animation in fall 16 and winter 8 festivals if you use Simple/Perfect only option for them.
  • Certain head accessories might clip on top of the hand when holding a fish (might be a vanilla issue).
  • Sometimes the ! prompt doesn't appear, I'm uncertain what's causing this as I have trouble reproducing it.

Manual Configuration (without GMCM):
  • See the "config info readme" provided with the mod download, or the Docs section here.

My other mod(s):

Source and Translation:
The source code is available here if I ever vanish from Nexus, I tried keeping it as simple as I could, so feel free to take over/reupload if it breaks and I'm gone for too long. You can find the translation base here (i18n) - feel free to PM me your translations (or upload them yourself).