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Allows you to customise the tile offsets and start sprites/animations for the generic daily spawn locations of your spouse(s): Spouse room, kitchen, porch and patio. Simply put: It allows a spouse like Harvey to appear by the wall, reading a book. It also means that your map can have furniture on that tile without the spouse spawning on top of it.

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Some of this mod's features (spouse room/patio spawn tile, and patio animations) will be part of 1.5.5! However this mod still allows you to set up multiple tiles and animations for each of these locations, and a few others.

By vanilla logic, each morning, your spouse(s), or roomate(s) have a small chance of some unique behaviour, or to spawn in one of the four generic locations: Their room, the kitchen, the porch (outside by the door), or the patio (their outdoor area).

This mod checks for when they spawn in those generic locations, and can then do a number of things:

  • Spouse Room has two modes: Auto and Manual. Auto is enabled by default:
    • Auto mode picks a random empty tile in the room for the spouse to spawn on each day, and makes the spouse face towards a specific place in the room.
    • This is all automatic and has some configuration options (like facing tile and chair sitting).

  • Every other location uses Manual Mode:
    • You can create a profile per spouse, otherwise they will use the shared Default (uses main spouse or Emily for preview).
    • The profile holds a list of Sprite/Animations + Tile Offset combos, one picked at random each day.
    • Simply put: Each entry in the list represents which tile (in the house or farm) they will spawn on, and which sprite or animation they will have.

Keep in mind that the spouses sometimes only stay in those spots for a few minutes (sometimes hours/half the day) depending on their schedule - so this mod will only be effective for that duration. Even less on average if you have Multiple Spouses installed, as their AI is more aggressive (not a bad thing).

Story time:

Someone on discord wanted to stop their spouse from spawning on top of the table in their custom spouse room. I thought it was interesting, so I did that. And then my brain started coming up with random ideas, and then did some more, and more, and more... And here we are, thanks brain...

  • Download and Install the latest version of SMAPI. Made for 3.12+, earlier versions might not work.
  • [Optional] Download and install Generic Mod Config Menu (GMCM). If you want an easy way to customise the sprites and offsets on the fly, with previews and in-depth explanations.
  • Download this mod from Files, and unzip the CustomSpouseLocation folder into your Mods folder.

  • Tested with Multiple Spouses and Custom Spouse Patio. Any custom NPC that uses the vanilla spawn location methods (even modified) should work.
  • The Non Destructive NPCs mod might be necessary to prevent spouses from breaking bigger sitting furniture, though it hasn't been an
    issue thus far even without it.
  • Not 100% sure about mods that rely on spouses being in their regular locations, if there are any.
  • Singleplayer, multiplayer and split screen (local coop).
  • Sprite indexes for the vanilla NPCs can be found here.

  • Chairs have some limitations in Auto mode, due to lack of sitting sprites. Player-placed ones have to face up (North), map ones down (South).
  • In both Auto and Manual, if time is skipped avoiding 8:20-8:30am, spouse can get stuck when placed on top of an unpassable map element (like a map chair) for the rest of the day. It's not a big issue, but I've blacklisted map chairs in Auto by default.

Manual Configuration (without GMCM):
  • See the "config info readme" provided with the mod download, or the Docs section here.

My other mod(s):

Source and Translation:
The source code is available here if I ever vanish from Nexus, I tried keeping it as simple as I could, so feel free to take over/reupload if it breaks and I'm gone for too long. You can find the translation base here (i18n) - feel free to PM me your translations (or upload them yourself).