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ASDFGH is a "redux" of the abandoned "Artifact System Fixed" mod (thoroughly fixed for SDV 1.5). It is also a FRAMEWORK for modders to inject their custom objects into the Artifact System/Geode System.

Permissions and credits
This mod's original name was "Artifact System Fixed - Redux", and now since I've cleaned up all ASF code, I decide to rename it "Artifact System Drop Framework & Geodes Handler" (ASDFGH for short) because since v0.6.0 it has features to allow other modders to 'patch in' into the Artifact System / Geodes System; please read this doc in its entirety, especially the "FRAMEWORK" section.


The original Artifact System Fixed mod (ASF) aimed to do three things:
  1. Fix the bugged "Primary Table" for artifact spot digging,
  2. Give fairness to odds of items given from artifact spot, and
  3. Reduce the odds of getting same item from "Primary Table" or "Geode drops"

Since it was last officially updated, two things happened:
  1. SDV 1.4 came out -- this fixes the "Primary Table" so #1 above is no longer needed, and
  2. SDV 1.5 came out

SDV 1.5 introduced A LOT of new things ... that ASF did not take into consideration, such as:
  • Qi Beans special order -- totally suppressed by ASF
  • Bone fragments special order / mail quest -- not suppressed, but made harder
  • Enchantments are totally ignored
  • Artifact Troves treated as 'normal' geodes
  • Golden Coconuts treated as 'normal' geodes
  • ... and many others.

Unfortunately, the maker of the original ASF mod seems to have abandoned the mod (PR since last year have been ignored)

So I took it upon myself to "Redux" this mod.

Changes (compared to ASF)
  • Modding Framework to patch into Artifact System & Geodes System
  • Fully compatible with SDV 1.5 quests & items
  • Custom weighting has been taken out, because it's potentially game-breaking due to the much more complex logic of SDV 1.5
  • Note: Automatic "de-emphasizing" (i.e., making odds of already-found artifacts to be lower) is kept.
  • "Secondary Table" now also have "fair odds"
  • If Even Better RNG (EBRNG) version 1.10.0 or newer is used, then it will use EBRNG's much-improved random number generator
  • (since v0.2.0) config.json syntax changes. Older config.json sadly will be overwritten, but in its place
  • (since v0.2.0) MORE configurable knobs in config.json!! Yay!!!
  • (since v0.2.0) Default value for "already found item" is changed to 0.6 to make the mod less 'cheaty' (you can change it back to 0.3 if you want, of course)
  • (since v0.2.0) Default value for "Lost Book found" odds is changed to 0.15 (originally hard-coded to 0.2)

  1. Make sure SMAPI is installed and running
  2. Download & extract to the Mods directory
  3. DELETE the old "Artifact System Fixed" directory (if any)
  4. DELETE the older "Artifact System Fixed - Redux" directory (if any -- since v0.6.0 the directory is called "ASDFGH" <== do NOT delete this one!)
  5. Enjoy

Remember, delete the old "ASF" and "ASFR" directories!

For Mod Makers: F R A M E W O R K
The framework is designed to augment content packs created for JSON Assets (JA) : If your mod is a valid, working content pack for JA, all you need is to add ONE file and your mod will now be patched into the Artifact System / Geodes System.

Please click here to see the documentation for this feature.

Source Code
Available on SourceForge, released under MPL-2.0 license.