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Seasonal replacers for Chelsea sprites and portraits in CP format.

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Chelsea - New Custom Datable NPC is a very interesting character, with a detailed weekly schedule, lots of dialogue that fit-in well with the game, heart events, quests, custom items... Definitively a mod I wanted to try, although, to be honest, the sprites and portraits don't quite mix well with Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic, a mod I consider essential.

So I decided to draw a new set of sprites and portraits from scratch to Chelsea. Given that her dialogue suggests friendly relations with Emily, who, as you may know, makes her own clothes, I figured Chelsea could also use a change of wardrobe... Or at least that's my excuse for getting creative with her outfits.

I used assets from my Isla Reimagined mod (shameless self plug here), and some pieces from Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic and Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for SVE (with permission from both Poltergeist and Jaksha6472). Admittedly, the face is the same I made for Isla, although with different colors, hair styles, expressions, and clothes.

As EShadow37 updates his mod, I'll try to keep mine compatible and up to date as well, bear in mind, however, that Chelsea Reimagined doesn't actually overwrite any files from EShadow's work, the manifest.json and content.json direct Content Patcher to do that dinamicaly in-game.


• Stardew Valley up to date

SMAPI - Stardew Modding API

Content Patcher

Chelsea - New Custom Datable NPC


• Seasonal sprites and portraits for Chelsea

• Ginger Island sprites and portraits for Chelsea (a slightly obscure reference in this outfit design, I wonder if people will figure it out?)

• Flower Dance sprites and portraits for Chelsea

• Spirit's Eve sprites and portraits for Chelsea (can you identify her costume?)


• Download and install Chelsea - New Custom Datable NPC and all its requirements

• Download and install this main file, NO overwrites necessary


• Download and install Chelsea - New Custom Datable NPC and all its requirements

• Download and extract the main file from my mod in the /mods folder of your Stardew Valley directory, NO overwrites necessary


Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic - Not necessary, but will make other villagers' looks more consistent with the style adopted for Chelsea reimagined


• 1.0.3 - A few refinements and correction to the winter indoor, winter outdoor, spring, and flower dance scene sprites. Added a new change to the content.json in order to make the game use the sleeping sprite when Chelsea is married to the player and she sleeps in the farmhouse

• 1.0.2 - Updated the version in the manifest to avoid SMAPI spam (sorry about that)

• 1.0.1 - Fixed misaligned sprites in magic animation sprite. Fixed clipping in Flower Dance hugging animation sprite

• 1.0.0 - Initial release


• None so far, but give it time...

::  CREDITS ::

♦ Poltergeister - For the hat used in both sprites and portraits during winter - outdoor variant, and for the flower used in Chelsea's Flower Dance portraits.

♦ Jaksha6472 - For Leah's winter poncho, which I had to redraw completely to fit the different poses and bodytype, but was still the source of colors and inspiration. 

♦ EShadow37 - For the original Chelsea mod, without which, my mod does absolutely nothing