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A thorough expansion to the Winemakers Life in Stardew Valley. New Grape Varieties, new Artisan Machines and Goods all found throughout the game world. Lets raise a glass to the Vinters of Ferngill!

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Greetings wine lovers.

As a big fan of Stardew Valley and Wine this mod has been in my mind for a while.

The purpose of this mod is to bring some variety to the Vineyard experience of Stardew Valley. It does so by adding 9 new grape varieties and editing the in-game grapes to match the new balance levels. It also adds 5 new artisan goods and 2 new artisan machines. These grapes are not based on real life grapes (I HIGHLY recommend the mod Stardew Vineyard for that) but have been made to fit into the world of Stardew Valley. 

And its done. All updated. We now use Content Patcher rather than Json Assets, and Custom Bushes rather than Crop Growth Adjustment.
I have amended the mod so we now have customised items for each wine type (Grape Wine, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine, Fortified Wine). They get a custom icon based on what grape you use, and all bar Sweet Wine get a custom name (working on that). This means you no longer have to ship multiple different types of each wine to complete the shipping.
I have built in the compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded, which means no additional download needed. The SVE content will automatically unlock if you have SVE installed. We also have some compatibility with Heaps at Ridgeside Village. Check there often as you may get lucky and get access to some of the new grape starters early. ALSO we have compatibility with the "Copper Still" mod. If you have that, Grappa is available to produce from the Copper Still (needs 5 grapes)

What can you find here.
* 10 new Grape varieties.
* New Artisan Machine, the "Yeast Starter", recipe given by Mail
* New Artisan Machine, the "Hardwood Keg", Sold by Robin after a certain point..
* Some of the new Grape varieties and goods are sold from various locations, be sure to shop around.
* Gift Tastes now encompass SVE, Ridgeside Village, East Scarpe, Boarding House and many other NPC mods -- Coming in a later update




For those who want the whole process spoiled, or those stuck on how to progress, please see this spoiler.

  • Grow or Forage Common Grapes
  • Sell 10x Common Grapes
  • JOJA takes notice and starts selling JOJA brand grapes
  • Sell 15x Common Grapes
  • Letter from Tamina, Pierre starts selling Gallant Grove and Sunset Blush Grape Starters
  • Sell 5x Common Grape Wine
  • Letter from Tamina, explains Hardwood Kegs
  • Sell 15x Grape Wine
  • Letter from Tamina, teaches you the Yeast Starter recipe
  • Sell 10x Sparkling Grape Wine
  • Letter from Tamina, explains Sweet Wines
  • 10 Spring Y2, letter from Tamina requesting you sell Deep Envy, Golden Aura, Passion Rouge and Rosy Riot grapes
  • Travelling Merchant starts selling Deep Envy, Golden Aura, Passion Rouge and Rosy Riot grapes
  • Sell 10x each of Deep Envy, Golden Aura, Passion Rouge and Rosy Riot grapes
  • Letter from Tamina, provides you with Lunatone Grapes
  • 1 Summer Y2, letter from Tamina, explains Ocean Mist Grapes
  • 5 heart friendship with Willy, letter from Willy. Teaches you how to make Ocean Mist Starters. Must have had letter about Ocean Mist grapes first
  • 5 Fall Y2, letter from Tamina requesting you sell Titania Grapes. Must have had Lunatone Grapes mail first
  • Sell 5 Titania Grapes
  • Letter from Tamina, provides you with Ancient Grapes