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A mod to replace most trees in Stardew Valley with a more stylized version.

Permissions and credits
Simple Foliage
Spruce up your Stardew Valley trees with this mod!



Installation instructions:

No special instructions right now, install as usual!
Nothing's breaking yet :''


If there's any issues with the installation process, let me know!
It's easiest to contact me through discord (anette#9011) or email me at [email protected]
Feel free to support me on twitter


-Current supported colors-
Vanilla (vanilla)
Vibrant Pastoral Recolor (vpr)
DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolor (earthy)
Starblue Valley (starblue)
NEXT PATCH - Nari's Rusty Recolor (rusty)

Recolors are selected automatically ^w^ fancy stuff



Is this compatible with SVE?
*with the new update, yes!*

Why are the Ginger Island trees still vanilla?
*fixing rn!*

Hey something's breaking :(
*please log it in the bugs section or ping me in the official stardew discord!'*


Mods used in image previews: