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Recolouring and redrawing of certain SVE assets to fit the colour palette used by grapeponta's Vibrant Pastoral Recolor for SVE.

Permissions and credits
An update to Vibrant Pastoral Recolor for SVE, aiming to get the original mod up to snuff. This is not a continuation of or replacement for said mod, neither does it use any of grapeponta's assets. You will need their mod, as some of the modifications are mere patches, incomplete assets.
For a vanilla, non-SVE version download Redraw Pelican Town.

The mod works for vanilla maps, Grandpa's Farm and Immersive Farm 2 Remastered. Map detection is automated.
The maps have been modified (redrawn) where corrections were in order - from my perspective:
  • cleaned dirty map transitions/cuts
  • cleared messy forests
  • completed half-drawn trees
  • reduced the amount of suns/shadow angles present
  • and many more

RPT Expanded may not be compatible with other mods modifying the same tilesheets (you can get a list for each file), unless they were already overwritten by VPR.
However, it is fully compatible with SVE 1.14.2x, Simple Foliage and Better Water.

About further compatibility, read this article.
A modified version of RPT (vanilla) is included!

You need Redraw Pelican Town (Config).
  • place the unpacked folder in \stardew valley\mods
  • overwrite old files if asked to
  • follow further instructions listed in the file description

East Scarp

Config Options

Using GMCM is recommended.

Credits to
FlashShifter for Stardew Valley Expanded and greenlighting this mod,
grapeponta for such a grand recolour,
itsanette for Simple Foliage
and the community for not giving up on VPR!

Honourable Mentions
36maralunaCloverCollectorcryobyte33kelsey7408, PachycephalosaurusVisitingtroll
for their effort to keep VPR updated.