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A mod that makes the player not only wear proper attire to the Flower Dance, but also dance the same as the NPCs.

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Every year the Flower Dance comes around. Same time, same month, every year. You'd think that the local farmer would start to learn, but no matter how many years go by, the farmer never seems to get the memo that overalls aren't proper attire for a formal dance! Nor is random squatting the same as dancing!
This mod sets out to finally fix that.

Flower Dancing is split into 2 mods that work together.
  • Flower Dance Attire: A Content Patcher mod that makes the farmer wear proper attire to the dance. Guys will have suits and girls will have dresses. It does this by replacing the player's underwear texture with a suit or dress depending on the gender. 
NOTE: This only happens when at the festival and looks best when paired with an NPC outfit mod like Seasonal Villager Outfits.

  • Flower Dancing: A SMAPI mod that modifies the Flower Dance dancing sequence. This is to allow the player to properly mimic the dances that the NPCs do.
NOTE: For some reason, the player seems to dance at a slightly faster rate then the NPCs (even though the code says they are the same length of time).
I may fix this in a later version, when I have the time.

How To:
Wearing a dress or suit:

To properly dance at the festival, just do what you normally do (ask an NPC that you have 4+ hearts with to dance with you and talk to Lewis) and everything should work just fine.

Select Outfit:
To select which outfit you want to wear (a suit or a dress) you can edit the config.json for the mod (you must run the game once with the mod installed for it to appear) or you can use Generic Mod Config Menu to edit the config on the games main menu (click the cog in the lower left corner).  The option will be listed under "[CP] Kelly's Flower Dance Attire". From there, you can set what each base sprite will wear.

NPC Outfits:
As mentioned earlier, if you want the NPCs to also wear proper attire at the dance, you'll need to use another mod such as Seasonal Villager Outfits.
For those who want to have these outfits, but can't or don't want to use Seasonal Villager Outfits, I've gotten permission from the author to upload a patch to alter the mod. That way it will only apply the Flower Dance textures and nothing else.

To use the patch:
  1. Download the "Seasonal Villager Outfits - Flower Dance Only" that is in the "Optional Files" section of the Files page.
  2. Download the latest version of Seasonal Villager Outfits.
  3. Place the "[CP] Seasonal Villager Outfits" folder from Seasonal Villager Outfits into your mods folder.
  4. Place the "[CP] Seasonal Villager Outfits" folder my patch also into your mods folder and say yes to overwrite.

After that, you can edit the config.json file to enable or disable both Portrait and Character sprites. Alternatively, you can use Generic Mod Config Menu to edit the config while the game is launched.


TL;DR: The clothing part should work with most mods and the dancing part should work with anything that doesn't modify the Flower Dance to much. Also no guarantee on it working with Multiplayer or non-PC versions.

  1. Download and install the latest versions of Content Patcher & SMAPI.
  2. Download the latest version of Flower Dancing.
  3. Open up the Flower file (Using something like 7zip, Winrar, or whatever) and drag the 2 folders into your Stardew Valley Mods folder.

  1. Delete both the "[CP] Kelly's Flower Dance Attire" & "FlowerDancing" folders from your  Stardew Valley Mods folder.