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Nine portrait redo of the Wizard portrait to make him a bishounen, made to work with Romancable Rasmodius

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Really love the Wizard archetype in Harvest Moon, so was sad to see that the wizard in Stardew was well.. a regular ol' wizard!
Then I discovered the Romancable Rasmodius mod, was overjoyed, and set out to find a new portrait mod. I couldn't find one to my tastes with nine portraits available.
So I decided to try my own hand at it and am currently using it ingame! I hope it can bring you joy too.
I use Leyalluna's portraits so I did my best to match their wonderful style so it doesn't stick out too much.
I recommend Rizum's lovely sprites to use as well.
Please let me know any comments! (that aren't that you don't like the style, haha)