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Leyalluna's Portraits

Hello, I’m Leyalluna. I’m varied artist and love doing pixel art.
You can find me on ArtStation, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantART, Tumblr and YouTube.

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UPDATE NOTE [16/07/2021]

Hello, it's been a long time! [Leyalluna's Portraits] 1.5 compatible version is now available!

I've been busy working on my webcomic, thank you for your patience. Also, I've been playing the updated Stardew Valley because I didn't want to get all spoiled when I was making the mod! ?

I've updated all the NPCs Portraits except the Spoiler Characters which I'm currently working on.

If you like my work and want to help me create more, please consider supporting me on ko-fi. Thank you! ???

UPDATE NOTE [15/12/2019]
  • Hello! Last time, I asked about making a Patreon page and some people were positive about the idea so I've decided to make it! If you liked my mod, please consider becoming a patron! Every dollar helps! I will use the Patreon page to upload sketches and wips of the mod and I'm planning to upload test versions too each time I finish one portrait or character. Thank you!! >w<)

UPDATE NOTE [27/09/2019]
  • Hello! There's still no update to the mod, I just wanted to say something to all of you who likes my mod. I really want to finish this mod but I don't have any regular income currently so I need to work to pay the bills. I was thinking of making a Patreon so that I can receive monthly income and work on what I want. But this will only work if you guys are willing to support me on Patreon... TwT) So I want to ask if you agree with this and if you're willing to support me. Thank you!! >w<)

UPDATE NOTE [04/06/2019]
  • Hello, I was planning to update the mod when I finish all things (Renewal Portraits and Characters) but I've been told that the mod was not working well so I've updated the mod anyway. I've removed xnb files because it was confusing... XNB files are back! There are some little and medium changes for some NPCs. Thank you!

UPDATE NOTE [12/01/2019]
  • Hello, I've been informed again about the problem. The reason my portraits weren't working, was that they had downloaded another mod that was modifying the portraits so it was clashing with my mod.
  • The clashing was with [Longevity mod by RTGOAT] 'dynamic NPC clothing' option. I hope this has solved the problem! Thank you! >w< )/

UPDATE NOTE [31/12/2018]
  • I've been informed that my portraits are not working in the game. And I think the problem causing this, it's because that there were some updates (new character events and such) of the game after I've completed my portraits so my files aren't matching the game. I am willing to work on my portraits again soon as possible, but right now I'm travelling for a month and I'll arrive at home on early February 2019.

UPDATE NOTE [02/07/2018]
  • All of the Villagers Portraits are completed!! The Spoiler Characters are also included in the file, I just didn't upload them in the image file to not get someone spoiled! I hope you enjoy playing with my portraits, thank you! >w< )/

UPDATE NOTE [16/05/2018]
  • Abigail, Alex, Elliott and Emily Portraits finished
  • I've been thinking of making my own portraits of Stardew Valley for a long time. And here are the first four portraits I've finished! I hope you enjoy them! I'm planning to do all the characters so stay tuned!

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How to Install

  1. You need to have latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher.
  2. Extract [CP] Leyalluna's Portraits folder into \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.