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Allows players to automatically forage items simply by moving near them.

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  • Portuguese
AutoForager (previously AutoShaker) is an open-source mod for Stardew Valley that allows players to automatically shake trees and bushes simply by moving nearby to them.

This mod checks for:
  • Bushes that are currently blooming with berries or tea leaves
    • NOTE: This includes Golden Walnut bushes
  • Fruit trees that currently have fruit on them
  • Trees that have a seed available to be shaken down
    • NOTE: This includes trees with hazelnuts, coconuts, and golden coconuts
  • Forageables throughout Stardew Valley

Explanation of config values can be seen here on Github

  • Custom Trees and Fruit Trees should automatically get recognized by the AutoForager
  • If you are a mod maker working on custom Forageable items, to have your item recognized by the Auto Forager, all you need to do is add the context tag "forage_item" to the item definition
    • Alternatively, you can create a content pack that can also help to categorize your custom forageables / trees

  • Compatible with...
    • Stardew Valley 1.6 or later
    • SMAPI 4.0.0 or later
  • Automatic Integrations
  • No known mod conflicts
    • If you find one please feel free to notify me here or on GitHub

Solo + Multiplayer
  • This mod is player specific, each player that wants to utilize it must have it installed
  • Any bushes that have the potential to have berries on them will be shaken during berry seasons whether or not they have berries on them

Releases can be found on GitHub and on the Nexus Mod site


  • Add French translations


  • Add config option to elevate some messages to SMAPI console
    • This option is disabled by default


  • Cover a missing path that was preventing forageables added directly to Data/Locations via Content Patcher from being Auto Foraged
  • Remove Supply Crates and Treasure Chests from being considered potential forageables
  • Fix typo on Orange's category


  • Fix tappers being delayed by a day when auto foraged from


  • Prevent picking up literal artifact and seed spot objects


  • Add automatic integration with Farm Type Manager
    • Auto Forager content packs should no longer be needed going forward
    • Category names will likely be different as they are now pulled from the FTM content packs
    • Minimum FTM version: 1.20.0
    • Shoutout to EscaMMC for supplying the API
  • Add options to forage Mushroom Boxes, Mushroom Logs, and Tappers
  • Add Animal as a forageable category for vanilla animal products
  • Add vanilla Fruit forageable toggles to help with the Fruit Bat cave option


  • Add additional safeguards around players clicking through the Title menu quickly


  • Fix items incorrectly getting increased quality where they normally wouldn't


  • Prevent content packs from overriding known categories of vanilla forageables
  • Lower the amount of warning log spew when multiple content packs add the same vanilla item as a forageable


  • Add ability to ignore moss-covered trees that are near enough to contribute to a Mushroom Log
  • Fix optional tool requirement for harvesting moss to be less intrusive
  • Lower the amount some log messages were spamming in the SMAPI console


  • Added support for Wild Tree Shake Items
  • Added Spanish translations


  • Fix exception on launch due to multiple Title Screen init events running simultaneously
  • Update config strings to be a bit more explicit what they are looking for
  • Add some trace logging for config values


  • Moved mod initialization to final init heartbeat to ensure everything is loaded
  • Fixed crash on launch


  • Buried forageables are now handled via Artifact Spot and Seed Spot toggles instead of individually
  • Final initialization heartbeat now waits for Title Menu to be interactable
  • All forageable toggles are initialized to enabled
    • This is a mitigation until I can find time to figure out a 'Select / Deselect All' config button
  • Fixed issue where some objects weren't properly seen as forageable
  • Fixed exception thrown by utilizing tools when foraging moss and buried forageables
  • Fixed toggling forager with keybinds sometimes not respecting "Is Forager Active?" config setting
    • Config setting was removed to prevent doubling up on sources of truth, forager will always be active on game start
  • Added content packs for Wild Flowers and Kombucha of Ferngill


  • Added field for content packs to ignore items that may not actually be forageable
  • Added content pack for Atelier Wildflour Crops and Forage


  • Prevent crash when integrated mods aren't ready within the timeout window
  • Bump up wait time for integrated mods


  • Increased mod integration wait timer from 5s -> 30s to try and account for larger installed mod counts


  • Fixed Spring Onions and Ginger not being foraged
  • Removed update keys from content packs to prevent false notifications about updates being available


  • Added a content pack format to allow for easier extensibility for various content mods
    • Content Packs for 2.2.3 compatibility parity provided as optional files
      • Cornucopia
      • Forage of Ferngill
      • Lumisteria
      • Ridgeside Village
      • Stardew Valley Expanded
  • Added automatic integrations with the following mods
  • Added Portuguese translations
  • Buried forageables now respect config toggles live instead of needing to restart your game


  • Fix some translations not getting updated on locale change
  • Added Chinese translations
    • Thanks to Krobus for providing the translation


  • Additional error checks and fallbacks when attempting to parse Fruit Trees


  • Fixed errors when parsing trees
  • Prevent possible future errors from completely halting mod functionality


  • Added compatibility for Stardew Valley Expanded forageable items
  • Added "Moss" as a forageable option
    • Added option to toggle off requirement of having a tool in inventory for Auto Forager to forage for moss
  • Added partial compatibility for the Cornucopia mods
    • Additional work is needed to add compatibility with the "Custom Bush" mod
  • Custom Wild and Fruit trees are now properly recognized by the Auto Forager and should be toggleable in the config
  • Fixed a potential crash when running alongside the "Marry Morris" mod


  • Added ability to forage for truffles found by pigs
  • Wild Trees added in 1.6 are now shaken as expected
  • Config settings no longer reset on game launch when content patch mods are present

    • Special shoutout to DromedarySpitz, babayagah07, and galedekarios for reporting and helping me investigate this issue

  • Rebranded to AutoForager
  • Extended functionality to include options to forage seasonal items
  • Update to SDV 1.6 compatibility
  • Update to SMAPI 4.0.0 compatibility


  • Tea Bushes only shake once per day

  • Add Chinese translations
    • Courtesy of liky123131231

  • Simplify calculations per game tick
  • Add translation language support
  • Back-end versioning updates
    • Thanks to atravita-mods for this update

  • Added option to shake Tea Bushes

  • Fixes an error thrown when a second user is joining a split-screen instance
  • Updated the way the End-Of-Day messages are built
  • Minor backend changes

  • Fix for not shaking bushes when current language isn't set to English
  • Updated default ShakeDistance from 1 to 2
  • Minor backend changes

  • Added the ability to specify the number of fruits (1-3) available on Fruit Trees before attempting to auto-shake them
  • Minor backend changes

  • Updated config to have separate toggles for regular and fruit trees
  • Added a check to ensure a user isn't in a menu when the ToggleShaker button(s) are pressed
  • Added some additional "early outs" when checking whether or not a tree or bush should be shaken

  • Updated SMAPI min requirement to 3.9.0
  • Updated ToggleShaker to a keybind list from a single button
    • If existing users would like to get this change, they can either alter their config.json manually, or simply delete the existing config.json and relaunch the game via SMAPI to regenerate with the new system

  • Initial release
  • Allows players to automatically shake trees and bushes by moving nearby to them
  • Working as of Stardew Valley 1.5.3