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Allows players to shake trees and bushes as they run by without having to click on each one. This is particularly useful during berry seasons.

Permissions and credits
AutoShaker is an open-source mod for Stardew Valley that allows players to automatically shake trees and bushes simply by moving nearby to them.

This mod checks for:
  • Bushes that are currently blooming with berries or tea leaves
  • Fruit trees that currently have fruit on them
  • Trees that have a seed available to be shaken down
NOTE: This includes trees with hazelnuts, coconuts, and golden coconuts

  • IsShakerActive
    • Whether or not the AutoShaker will shake bushes / trees
    • Default - true
  • ToggleShaker
    • Which button will toggle the AutoShaker on and off when pressed while holding either Alt key
    • Default - LeftAlt + H, RightAlt + H
  • ShakeRegularTrees
    • Whether or not the AutoShaker should try and shake regular trees for seeds
    • Default - true
  • ShakeFruitTrees
    • Whether or not the AutoShaker should try and shake fruit trees for fruit
    • Default - true
  • FruitsReadyToShake
    • Number of fruits (1-3) that need to be on a fruit tree before it is shaken
    • Default - 1
  • ShakeTeaBushes
    • Whether or not the AutoShaker should try and shake tea bushes
    • Default - true
  • ShakeBushes
    • Whether or not the AutoShaker should try and shake bushes
    • Default - true
  • UsePlayerMagnetism
    • Whether or not to use the players current magnetism distance when looking for things to shake
    • This overrides the ShakeDistance config value
    • Default - false
  • ShakeDistance
    • Distance in tiles that the AutoShaker will look for things to shake
    • This value is ignored if UsePlayerMagnetism is set to true
    • Default - 2

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
    1. Nexus Mirror
    2. GitHub Mirror
  2. OPTIONAL Install the latest version of Generic Mod Config Menu
    1. Nexus Mirror
  3. Install this mod by unzipping the mod folder into 'Stardew Valley/Mods'
  4. Launch the game using SMAPI

  • Compatible with...
    • Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later
    • SMAPI 3.15.0 or later
  • No known mod conflicts
    • If you find one please feel free to notify me here or on GitHub

Solo + Multiplayer
  • This mod is player specific, each player that wants to utilize it must have it installed
  • Any bushes that have the potential to have berries on them will be shaken during berry seasons whether or not they have berries on them

Releases can be found on GitHub and on the Nexus Mod site

  • Add Chinese translations
    • Courtesy of liky123131231

  • Simplify calculations per game tick
  • Add translation language support
  • Back-end versioning updates
    • Thanks to atravita-mods for this update

  • Added option to shake Tea Bushes

  • Fixes an error thrown when a second user is joining a split-screen instance
  • Updated the way the End-Of-Day messages are built
  • Minor backend changes

  • Fix for not shaking bushes when current language isn't set to English
  • Updated default ShakeDistance from 1 to 2
  • Minor backend changes

  • Added the ability to specify the number of fruits (1-3) available on Fruit Trees before attempting to auto-shake them
  • Minor backend changes

  • Updated config to have separate toggles for regular and fruit trees
  • Added a check to ensure a user isn't in a menu when the ToggleShaker button(s) are pressed
  • Added some additional "early outs" when checking whether or not a tree or bush should be shaken

  • Updated SMAPI min requirement to 3.9.0
  • Updated ToggleShaker to a keybind list from a single button
    • If existing users would like to get this change, they can either alter their config.json manually, or simply delete the existing config.json and relaunch the game via SMAPI to regenerate with the new system
  • Initial release
  • Allows players to automatically shake trees and bushes by moving nearby to them
  • Working as of Stardew Valley 1.5.3